Erika and Nolan

Erika's Proposal in St. George, Utah at Moe's Valley

How We Met

Nolan and I met accidentally through mutual friends in 2011. I had bought my friend, Jeff, tickets to go to a SF Giants baseball game for his birthday. Jeff, his girlfriend, Julie (one of my best friends), and myself drove from Sacramento to SF for the game. Jeff had mentioned we needed to make a pit stop to visit his friend Nolan after the game was over. Nolan had just moved to the Bay Area that day and Jeff had promised Nolan he would help him move that day, but obviously ended up not being able to help because I had surprised him with baseball tickets. All four of us ended up going out to dinner and helped Nolan settle into his new house. I wasn’t really looking for any type of relationship at this time, but I thought he was really attractive. Turns out, he thought the same of me and asked Jeff for my phone number that night. The next morning, I woke up to a text that said, “So, you like the Giants?”. It was awkward, and adorable. The rest is pretty much history as we have been together as boyfriend and girlfriend ever since.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in St. George, Utah at Moe's Valley

how they asked

Nolan is a physical therapist and is on a travel assignment in Las Vegas. I am a nurse and I work in Carson City (about 7 hours from Las Vegas). I ended up having a long weekend off so I drove up with our 3 dogs to visit. Unbeknownst to me, Nolan had planned a camping trip to southern Utah with a few of our close friends. St. George, Utah is about 2-3 hours from Las Vegas. We got to St. George and set up a camp site in Moe’s Valley – campfire, BBQ, wine, smores. And in that moment, he started telling me how much I mean to him – which I thought was a little odd to bring up at this time, but it was sweet. He told me he had a coffee mug to give me from one of his hikes (I collect coffee mugs) – which I also thought was an odd time to give me a coffee mug but it was sweet. He then pulled out a box, and I immediately covered my face with my sleeping bag and asked if he was joking. For over 5 years, I had been waiting for this moment, and I was in shock. Totally unexpected.

He slipped a beautiful cushion cut ring on my finger. One of our friends who was with us (Nolan planned this also), took us on a hike the following day at sunset and got beautiful photos of us and the ring. Oh I’m in love!

Special Thanks

Kristin Park
Photographer, friend