Erika and Mitch

How We Met

Love at first sight…. Mitch and I met on my first day working at a new restaurant. I had already been pretty nervous as this was my first time ever waitressing. I remember being in the server station and looking across the bar at a young guy with the most contagious smile I have ever seen, he was just laughing and talking with his friends at the bar. He looked back at me when we made eye contact I got nervous and walked back into the server station hoping he didn’t catch me staring at him! I have to say I was love struck. I continued doing my work trying not to get distracted by him when I saw this guy walk into my server station and I look up and it’s him! I now got to see him up close with his big smile he says “hi, you must be new here I come here often and have never seen you before.” Me trying to get the words out clearly being so nervous said “yes it’s my first day”, he says back “oh well your way to pretty to work here”. I stared back with a confused look as he walked away. My shift was coming to an end so I gathered my things and went to my car. As soon as I got to my car I grabbed my cell phone and started calling one of my best friends.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Buckingham Fountain Chicago IL

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Buckingham Fountain Chicago IL

She answered the phone asking how my first day went and before I could tell her I blurted out “I think I just met the guy I’m going to marry” without even knowing why I just said that. I sounded crazy I didn’t even know his name or where he was from just something deep down told me you just met your soulmate. My friend on the other line not knowing what to say yells out … “what did you just say?” So I said it again “I think I just met I’m going to marry!” Little did I know 5 1/2 years later we would still be together! So a few days had past and I did not see him at my place of work. I was pretty disappointed because hello this was going to be the guy I was going to marry even though he didn’t even know me. Finally he came back in when I was working and officially asked me on a date. I don’t think I have ever been so excited in my life! I said yes without hesitation. The next day we went out for pizza and he let me pick out Redbox movie that we watched back at his place. The date went so great I left with a huge smile on my face. Fast forward a couple years down the road he began to tell his friends and family at a party about how we met. He said I saw this beautiful blonde and I knew I had to meet her. And after our first date He told his roommate when he asked how our date went he responded with… “I’m going to marry that girl someday!” And the rest is history! So when I tell people about Mitch and how we met I say it really was love at first sight!

Erika and Mitch's Engagement in Buckingham Fountain Chicago IL

how they asked

What I thought was going to be just a weekend in the city for my birthday turned out to be the most thoughtful proposal ever! We arrived in the city to check into the most beautiful hotel downtown. We enjoyed the day going shopping and out for lunch and just walking around Chicago enjoying the views and each other’s company.

When we got back to the hotel he told me to get dressed for a fancy dinner he was talking me to. I got ready and he said okay let’s head down to the lobby our ride is ready. We walk outside the hotel and I look up and see a white horse and carriage pulled up in front of our hotel! ( mind you I have asked him to go on a carriage ride since we first started dating) so I see the carriage and think no way this is for me, he looks at me and says come on get in! I was blow away with excitement I felt so special! I couldn’t believe I was going to finally get to go on a horse and carriage ride around the city! So we get inside the carriage and the driver tells us we are going to take a nice long ride and we can stop and take some pictures if we want. We pull up to Buckingham Fountain in downtown Chicago and the horse stops. She said “OK you guys can get out to take some pictures.”

We started walking towards the fountain holding hands and he was telling me how much he loves me and how lucky he is to have found me. He said “OK this looks like a good spot to take some pictures.” Thinking he was going to take his phone out he starts going through what I thought was my birthday present bag and pulls out a small box. He began to get down on one knee and asked me to marry him, I couldn’t believe it!

I cried and hugged him and couldn’t help but keep looking at the beautiful ring that was engraved on the inside that read “always my princess”. So as I began to wipe away my tears of joy I see a lady with a camera snapping pictures of us! He hired a photographer to take a photo session at the fountain for us! We get back to the carriage after our photo-shoot and he has flowers waiting for me but wait there more. He said “okay we’re going to head to dinner now.” We enjoy the rest of the carriage ride to dinner, but when we pulled up I see the photographer again and I thought she was done with our surprise photo shoot.

Until I look over and see our parents waiting for us to arrive at dinner, I always said when I get proposed to I would want the people most important to me to be there, so I run up to my parents (crying the whole time of course) so excited to see them, we begin to take photos with them when he says I have one more surprise. I look and see all of my closest friends one by one coming out of the restaurant. Crying even more I hug each of them and get to take photos together. We finally head inside where we go upstairs to our table for dinner all decorated with engagement cookies and rings. We had a wonderful dinner with everyone I love most and then continued for a night out in the city to celebrate, it was the best birthday ever!!!

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