Erika and Max

How We Met

Max and I met back in college through work. I attended Central Michigan University and he went to Northwood University, but we happened to both work at a retail store together. After having my eye on him for over a year, I finally decided to make my move. He was not easy to catch. We like to joke about it now! I was not shy and I was persistent. Max graduated from college 1 year before me, so the first few years of our relationship was long distance. We are both very career focused, which is a big reason why we match so well together. His work ethic and my drive for success really paid off to build the beautiful life we have together. April 1st was our 6 year anniversary.

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How They Asked

We went on vacation to Breckenridge, Colorado with 17 of our close friends and family. We are big snow junkies. We love snowboarding and snowmobiling so it was our perfect vacation. April 3rd was the most incredible day! Max absolutely killed this proposal and I will remember it forever! Max told me the day before that we should go to breakfast and then spend the day shopping/bar hopping downtown, so that morning at 7:30 AM we left to go to “breakfast”. On the way, we decided to stop at a lookout of the Mountain view. As I took pictures and was distracted by the view he got down on 1 knee ?. It was so perfect! I couldn’t stop crying and smiling. My heart was bursting.

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After he proposed he said he has another surprise for us and brings out a bottle of champagne hidden behind a rock to toast our new engagement? I was completely shocked and started to take pictures of this surreal moment!

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Erika and Max's Engagement in Sapphire Point- Lake Dillon, Colorado

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Erika's Proposal in Sapphire Point- Lake Dillon, Colorado

Max stops me again. He says, “ I have 1 more surprise! Wouldn’t it be cool if we had a photographer here”? Candidly you can see my reaction in the photos. I started balling again! I was completely speechless! How did he pull this off? How did he find a photographer in Colorado? Did he ask my dad?! How did he travel with the ring? How did it work out so PERFECTLY?!

From there we had an hour-long engagement photo shoot! The Mountains looked like a dream The weather was amazing and no one was there besides us. I’m still in shock! I am feeling so blessed, so loved and so lucky to have a man like him! What a perfect day!

Special Thanks

Joe Harbison
 | Photographer