Erika and Marlin

how we met

June 2012!! We met at Flanigan’s out of all places in Miami. We were introduced by a mutual friend. When I met him at first I didn’t like him too tough. I saw him and thought man this guy is all friendly. But then as the night progressed and we talked more we realized we had a lot in common. Then the next couple times we hung out we realized we lived blocks from each other and we had more than just the one mutual friend in common. Then as months progressed we not only realized we had mutual friends but he knew a few of my family members also. Then while living together looking through some old boxes and things we realized I had a few of his things from when he was in middle school( how I got those things? I have no idea)

how they asked

Oh the proposal that was funny. So we went to Colorado Springs to visit family and we decided to go to Cave of the winds. So what I didn’t know (obviously) was that the ring was in his pocket and he had been trying to hide it all day and that he was actually going to propose(we had been together 5 yrs at this point) so we’re doing the tour with the tour guide and we’re taking some cool pictures and out of no where he grabs me and when I turn around he’s getting down on one knee. I was in such a shock.


Special Thanks

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