Erika and Kyle's Cowboy Proposal

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How We Met: I had met Kyle’s twin Sister Amy during summer of 2008. I was introduced to her through a college roommate and friend. Kyle & I were both in college and never had the opportunity to come home often. I always knew of Amy’s brother but was never formally introduced.

Summer of 2011 had come, and Kyle & I were finishing up our college careers. We had officially met this summer. We had both just gotten out of really tough relationships, so friendship was the first thing on our minds. Amy had always said to me “My brother thinks you’re so pretty, you should talk to him more”. I never really thought about it until I kept seeing him more & more.

We exchanged numbers, became Facebook friends, and began to develop a great friendship. All while beneath the surface a beautiful relationship was unfolding between us.

Summer of 2012, things began to fully kick off for us but we still felt timing wasn’t right. I had just celebrated my 24th birthday in New York City with a bunch of girls, meanwhile I had been texting Kyle all night long wishing I was with him.

A couple more months into it, something started to stand out about Kyle to me, and I began to understand what was happening. Thanksgiving Eve of 2012, I had run into Kyle that night, and the rest became history. We became joint at the hip, always texting, talking on the phone, hanging out every minute we could.

Christmas Eve 2012 came around and Kyle had asked me to be his girlfriend. From that point is where we truly developed a powerful relationship. Kyle had be studying and training to leave for the State Police Academy for the toughest, longest 6 months we would ever face together. Our relationship survived off of phone calls, letters, and seeing one another one or twice a month. Our relationship got more and more serious and soon enough, we are now living together, bought our first home together and share our home with our puppy Samantha!

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how they asked: The day we got engaged was the most magical moment of my life. I had a feeling that day something great was coming. I don’t know if it was just excitement that we were leaving for Disneyworld, or that it was a great day to go horseback riding in the summer.

After work, I had met up with my best friend Amy and her boyfriend Jeff at my house to all go horse back riding. Kyle (my fiancé) was “running late” from work so he told me that he would meet us there. I was working that day so I couldn’t really focus from the excitement that was happening later on that week! (little did I know…that day!)

We got in the car, drove to the ranch and met with the Instructor. Amy and Jeff had to walk to a separate barn being that “their horses were located there”. But really, Amy and Jeff were walking to the proposal site.

I have rode horses before so as they left, I continued to get saddled up and get the horse ready. Kyle had been texting me letting me know he was running late and stuck in traffic and that he would be there soon (when he was already waiting for me on the other side of the ranch). The instructor asked if I wanted to get started so I said yes, and we saddled up and trotted up the hill.

About 5 minutes into the ride, we trotted around the corner and in the midst, I see a lot of people. I asked the instructor, “why is there so many people here?” He answered, “I’m not really sure”. As we got closer, I started to realize who was in that crowd. It was my mom, my dad, my sweet 90 year old grandmother, my best friends and my fiancé’s close friends.

When I approached the crowd, I jumped off my horse and started to cry. I said hi to everyone and couldn’t believe what was happening. Each family member and friend held an individual rose with a photo attached of memories of Kyle and I from the previous years. I had walked through the line of friends and family and said hello and gave hugs and kisses while crying tears of joy.

When I reached the end, I had been facing all of my friends, not knowing where Kyle was. As I turned around, my cowboy trotted towards me on a beautiful horse while dressed in the cutest clothes (cowboy hat, boots, belt buckle, western shirt and jeans), you name it, he looked like a COWBOY! He jumped down from the horse, and walked towards me. As he approached me, just seeing him took my breath away. As if I had never seen him before.

He said to me.…“Erika, you know how I always call you my princess, well today I am your prince. We have been through a lot together, but you’ve always stuck by my side, every step of the way. You are my best friend, you’re my world, you’re my everything. There is no person in this world I would rather be with than you. So will you make me the happiest man in the world, and be my wife.…Will you Marry me?”

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My response.….“OH MY GOD YES!”

My fiancé truly out did himself. The proposal continued with a gorgeous hayride into the sunset and a catered reception with the cutest decorations and delicious food and drinks.

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Engagement Photographer: Paula Galante
Wedding Photographer: Erin Joyce Photography