Erika and Joseph

Image 1 of Erika and Joseph

How We Met

We were introduced by a mutual friend in the back of a crash truck during a Christmas parade. Joe was an EMT and I was in town visiting a friend from college who was also an EMT.

How They Asked

Joe knew it would be hard to keep a secret so he had been joking about proposing on this trip the entire year we spent planning it. I was convinced there was no way it was happening with how much he was joking. We were set to go on the hike I was most excited for that day. Joe had planned to propose at a beautiful overlook, however, once we got there he quickly realized how crowded it was and decided to hold off for a more private moment. On our way up the mountain, we stopped at a gorgeous cutout spot to checkout a steam and let our niece splash in the water. Joe knew that was the perfect spot and signaled to my cousin and her husband that would be where he popped the question on the way back down. Joe had been joking all day about how each spot we stopped at would be a great spot to get engaged at, so I knew there was no way it was happening that day. Again, we stopped in the same cutout on the way back down to rest as it was about the half way point. While sitting there, Joe challenged me to a rock skipping competition. While we were skipping rocks, Joe got down on one knee and asked me to marry him “for real this time” and of course, I said yes. Once we got back to our hike, we stumbled upon a moose which was the one animal I wanted to make sure we saw while we were vacationing out west.