Erika and Jordan

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How We Met

Jordan and I both went to Lindenwood University in St. Charles, MO. He was on the football team and I was a sorority girl, but somehow we did not meet until our Senior year. There was bowling alley near school that had $1 bowling every Wednesday night and $1 beers. We both happened to be there on the same Wednesday night and were introduced by mutual friends. The rest is history!

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how they asked

Jordan and I got up very early on a Sunday morning to take our two pups to the dog beach. It was Lola’s first time so we wanted to get there early before a lot of people were there. Baloo and Lola were running around and having the time of their lives! At one point Jordan asked me to get something out of his bag and I thought it must be treats or something for the dogs.

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Well I reached into his bag and pulled out a ring box. I looked up and Jordan was on one knee and asked if I would marry him. My first reaction was, “This isn’t real”. The ring was absolutely perfect and it was from Jared! So being my awkward self I immediately said “He went to Jared”! I was so surprised that I guess I forgot to answer the question because a few minutes later he said, “You still haven’t said yes”.

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At that point I said yes and made it official. While we were having this moment our dogs had run off and now strangers at the beach were yelling at us that our dogs had run away! So we cut the moment short and took off after them. After rounding up the pups we went home to celebrate with a glass of champagne.

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Special Thanks

Joe Bulger
 | Photographer