Erika and Jonathan

Erika and Jonathan's Engagement in The Eiffel Tower experience in Las Vegas

It was the day of our 7 year anniversary. We had just arrived in Las Vegas that day from New York and he knew it was an emotional day for me because it was the first time I have been back to Vegas since we sold my grandparents house. Las Vegas was my second home growing up with my grandparents and my aunt living our there since I was 1 years old. My grandpa passed away in October 2016 and I haden’t been back since. I had some of my favorite memories being out there with my family and feeling like I was in paradise, and once my family all got sick and all passed away over the years I started associating more negativity to Las Vegas and forgetting how much I loved it our there. Seeing as I basically lived out there too, I have pretty much done almost every type of sight seeing on the strip multiple times, except the Eiffel Tower Experience which had been fairly new. He told me to buy this red dress I had tried on a few weeks before our vacation, because he knew it was my favorite color. I was under the impression we were going on a regular anniversary date, a nice dinner and spending time together. Once we got up to the top of the eiffel tower, a magician approached us. I didn’t think anything of it at first seeing as its Vegas and there’s magicians everywhere! He asked if he could record his skit with us for his youtube channel, and I still haden’t caught on yet. Now, I love magic, and i’m a nerd like that even for the cheesy magic so I was all for it! All of a sudden we get to the last trick, and he tells Jonathan to choose his card, and suddenly I began to realize what was happening, and by the time I started to figure it out, my best friend is down on one knee, in my favorite place in the world, and I felt like my heart was going to explode! It was perfect, and magical, and so meaningful. He told me “I don’t want all of your recent memories to be negative in a place I knew was one of your favorite places to be, and I wanted you to feel like even though they aren’t here anymore, they were a part of it”. I felt like I was in a movie in that moment, and I will never forget that feeling, the day my best friend asked me to be his forever.

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