Erika and Johnny

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How We Met

From the very beginning, it was a fairytale story. Just like all fairy tales it started with a bachelor party, a cruise ship and a church group, haha. I was of course not looking to meet anyone when Johnny approached me at the cruise ship bar the first evening with the classic “How you doin” Joey phrase. I didn’t want to give him the time of day but something about his smile and sparkle in his eye caught me off guard. The rest of the night into the next day I couldn’t get that smile out of my head, why did it feel like I knew him like he was an old friend that I was just waiting to show up? I wanted to see him again and hoped we would run into each other. That next day when we did run into each other, literally almost ran into each other ( I swear he was stalking me.. he denies it) I was excited to spend a little more time getting to know him. We talked for hours, he was funny, cheesy, adorable, sweet, and confident with a million other qualities I couldn’t believe were all packed into one guy!

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That night we had an amazing first date filled with a comedy show, mini golf, star gazing and a first kiss that told me this was the man I was waiting for ( yeah I thought I was crazy too).We ended the night exchanging numbers knowing we wanted to keep in contact even though we lived 600 miles apart. We talked the night we left the boat and every single night after that. When he first came to visit me I was so nervous to see him at the airport, what if the boat was some fantasy romance that ran its course? What if we really didn’t have the connection we thought we had ? All those concerns melted away when we locked eyed at the airport, he opened his arms and I jumped right into them like it was already a habit. Our connection was so natural, there was no awkwardness, again it was like we were long lost friends. I never thought I would be able to do a long distance relationship but somehow he made it easy. I also had been praying a lot through all of this and God constantly gave me the reassurance that this was what we needed, that we were building our foundation for our future. If we lived closer to each other we wouldn’t be able to grow into what we needed for each other.

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We did long distance for ten months seeing each other every three to four weeks. Early on in our relationships he mentioned the corporation he worked for had a location near me, how crazy to think right?! Well little did we know Gods plan was already brewing. When a position opened I almost felt like it was too good to be true but I knew if this was our time it was going to happen. Those were definitely a stressful few week between waiting for an interview and hearing back after the interview but I tried to remind myself you can’t rush Gods timing. When we got the amazing news that the position was his I couldn’t help but cry tears of Joy that God was allowing us to start the next chapter of our love story. We now get to enjoy living in the same city, mini riverboat dinner cruises and every now and then having date night at the airport to reminisce seeing each other after weeks at a time. We have learned not to take any moments for granted and are thankful that we get to get to be a part of each others lives every single day!

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how they asked

Little did I know my fiance had been planning the proposal for weeks and pulled it off without me having a clue what was about to happen. He normally works Saturdays but he told me a few weeks prior he wanted to check out the Crocker Art Museum here in Sacramento so he was going to take the day off so we could go. That Saturday we had a great day, we had our normal routine of Estate Sale hunting, morning brunch at the house and then we spend the afternoon at the museum. Afterward, he mentioned heading over to the Delta King (a boat with a restaurant/bar on the water) for a drink, I responded with “I don’t know, that boat is kinda janky”lol. He responded with a look and a statement, “let’s go have a drink on the Delta King” haha. I agreed, if anything it was going to be a good spot to go watch the sunset. I should throw this in that we met on a boat (a cruise actually) and celebrated our one year anniversary on a mini dinner riverboat cruise.. see the trend? haha. So we had drinks inside the boat and I noticed his demeanor changing, he was super fidgety and nervous, I was worried about him because I had NEVER seen him like that before!

He mentioned that he wanted to go out and get some air and check out the sunset. As we made our way towards the front of the boat I could see him looking around as if he was looking for someone, at this point I was becoming very nervous that something was about to happen but I kept talking myself out of the thought of a possible proposal. THEN I saw them… and I knew what was about to happen. His Mother, grandmother, and sister were coming down the stairs towards us recording us, I was speechless (by the way they live 6 hours away so it was a big deal to see them at all!) Of course I had to give them all hugs all the while my babe is calling me over to the side of the boat because he has something to say!

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Now this man always has the right words to bring tears to my eyes but this time he kept it short and sweet (while being a little choked up) and asked me if I would marry him! The people on the boat including his family cheered us on as I said yes! Well first I said your crazy, then I said I love you, then I said yes! haha. Oh but wait, there is more! After he put that beautiful ring on my finger we celebrated with drinks on the boat and he mentioned he made dinner reservations at one of my favorite restaurants.

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Once we got to the restaurant and made our way towards the back MY entire family (mom, dad, brother, three aunts and three uncles) was waiting for us and celebrated our arrival! It was so magical to see all of them and to celebrate with everyone during our huge milestone. They informed me that Johnny has been taking with them for weeks about this and had the whole thing planned out. We spend the rest of the evening celebrating!

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