Erika and Joe

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How We Met

We met on Bumble! The girl is supposed to make the first move, but Joe used his ‘re up’ on our Match. I decided to give him a chance, he is very handsome even in pictures. We went on our first date 3 weeks after texting and snap chatting back and forth. We got tacos and margaritas! He was the perfect first date and invited me over for dinner the next night but I was too nervous to see him again. So we did dinner the following week and it soon snowballed into playing hooky from work visiting the Met and drinking on its rooftop! On our first trip ever together we visited Boston, unfortunately, Joe was in the hospital the whole trip and we watched Guy Fieri on Triple D (Joe is okay & healthy!).

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Our first winter together Joe taught me to snowboard and now we have taken a trip to Vermont and planning more trips in the future. Our second big trip was to Napa, CA where we fell in love with the area and the winery. The woman at our favorite winery gave us a piece of obsidian from the area and said we needed to keep it forever because it was a piece of Napa where we are. We moved in together a week before the COVID-19 pandemic sent NYC metropolitan area into lockdown. Our solace during the pandemic was lots and lot of hiking, we hiked over 20 miles within the first 2 months! After 2.5 years of dating we got engaged, of course on a hike while taking a wine trip.

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How They Asked

Joe planned an impromptu trip to the Finger Lakes, NY wine country for us to take a break from city life and my MBA courses. We planned out wineries, a hike, and lots of food to cook. On the first full day of our trip, Joe planned out a hike at Watkins Glen and was raving about the suspension bridge that crossed over the gorge. At 08:30 we started our hike, we stopped at a couple of lookouts and took in the gorge.

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We made it to the bridge and I reminded Joe about his GoPro for pictures. I got a tap on my shoulder to turn around and I see Joe get down on one knee and ask me to marry him. I immediately said ‘Yes!’ And started crying uncontrollably. Little did I know Joe set up a photographer to capture the moment and we had a photoshoot following the engagement! We didn’t finish the hike, but we did visit four wineries over the course of the trip!

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Special Thanks

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 | Photographer
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