Erika and Jock

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How We Met

Erika: We met in the craziest way ever! I was in Los Angeles for one night and so was he. My friends convinced me to go to a concert with them that night, in a huge- 3 story venue, I agreed, but really had NO INTEREST in going out anywhere, so when we arrived and were escorted to the very top floor, I found the nearest balcony and perched on it, looking into the crowd of dancing people on the bottom floor. I spotted a guy who was taller than everyone and had the cutest little dance moves. I thought “He looks like he’s having a blast, but there’s no way I’d ever go into that crowd and find him.” The next thing I know, I look back at him and he is craning his neck, staring straight up at me, in between the colored lights, darkness, and clamor of the show. I decided to wave down, to see if he was actually looking at me, and indeed he was :). He took the elevator up to the third floor, said hello and the rest was history!

how they asked

I wanted to do something special and Erika’s the biggest Disney fan on earth. It took about 3 months of planning with close to 30 people to make the plan work! She’s always thinking of others, I thought it would be great if everyone had a surprise for her this time. I sent her on a Disneyland scavenger hunt using friends and family members along the way.

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When we got into the park, she had to use the restroom and I basically DISAPPEARED. Then, she got her first visit from a friend of ours, who frequents Disneyland, so it wasn’t too shocking to see him in the park until he pulled out a tiara. Then, I had a series of pre-recorded videos that were clues to each of the next stops.

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So he showed her the clue, led her to find her best friends (flown in from everywhere,) who also had a clue for her. (so on and so forth) (Her sister, her beloved nanny from childhood, her parents, and mine, who flew in from Australia & Portugal) .

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She found them one by one until she reached me. One of the special moments was that she was able to see her mother for the first time in a very long time due to family circumstances and as you can see- the entire family and friend filled proposal got her pretty emotional.

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