Erika and Jobin

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How We Met

I was sitting and eating lunch in the cafeteria at Mineola High School when I first noticed Erika. She was probably the prettiest girl I had ever laid my eyes on. It truly was love at first sight. We both ran track together in school and we both ended up becoming captains of our respective teams.

In the back of a school bus, on our way to a track meet, I asked her to be my girlfriend… Her response? “What do you think?” – mainly because it couldn’t be more obvious that the feelings were mutual. We both went to prom together while also going to New York State Championships together for track, which happened to be on the same day. We were best friends and did everything together.

We both eventually went on to go to the same college and major in the same field, Pharmacy at Northeastern University. We’ve overcome a lot over the years, and even started fresh a year and a half ago.

We’re High School Sweethearts!

how they asked

So this is how I did it! Erika was going to Vegas for a pharmacy convention and I told her that I’d crash in Vegas for the weekend with some of my friends. She knows that I’m a big poker player and that I play a ton, so I told her I wanted to go just so I could play… But in reality I had a penthouse suite at The Bellagio already booked, a Photographer booked, and everything already planned to pop the question in Vegas.

So the day before I planned to ask the question, I told her I found this cool Groupon for a PhotoTour of Vegas, where we dress up and a photographer follows us around taking pictures of us. We’ve already done something like this before in other cities so I figured it wouldn’t be too suspicious if I recommended this, she did also vaguely mention that she wanted to explore the city. So when I mentioned the PhotoTour, she instantly agreed.

So we went out to dinner and I told her that I had the photographer meeting us in the lobby for the tour. She got all dressed up and everything! We went around Vegas and started taking “couples” pictures, and when we finally got to The Bellagio fountains we waited to see if we could enjoy a show. The photographer and I had already planned that this would be the spot where I would ask and he told me that he was going to give me a signal as to when the fountains were gonna go crazy. And when the fountains were going off I dropped to one knee and asked the question. And we had a photographer there to capture the moment.

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So then I told her I was bringing her back to my hotel, but she thought I was staying at this cheap hotel with a bunch of my friends. So she started to get very confused as I walked her over towards the VIP Guest Elevators. I actually had a penthouse suite, and before dinner, I decorated the room with candles and flowers and everything. I also organized for all her friends and some of my friends to be there and say congrats after she walked in.

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So we walked up to the suite and she was super confused as to where we were going, and after we walked in she saw the room and she instantly started tearing up, seeing how sweet everything was and realizing how much thought and planning I must have put into everything. All of our friends then jumped out with a bottle of champagne and it was just amazing. We then all started pregaming and went out to a club where I had table and bottle service reserved and we all just enjoyed the night.

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It was probably the best day of my life, my best friend agreed to spend the the rest of our lives together.

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Special Thanks

Nick Diggins
 | Photographer
James Allen
 | Ring