Erika and Isaiah

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How We Met

My fiancé, Isaiah, and I met in high school when we were 14 years old. I would love to say it was “Love at first sight” but we were both just young freshman (and a little awkward to say the least haha)! But I won’t lie about the fact that we were absolutely, crazy in love with each-other. So, we met the summer before our freshman year of high school during summer school. I went to the a all girls high school and Isaiah went to the all boys high school right next door. Us girls would walk over to Brophy every day after school to hangout with the guys and that’s how I met Isaiah!

At our first high school dance, the Back to School Dance, Isaiah and I were awkwardly sitting next to each other holding hands (not saying a word hahah) . And what makes it more awkward was that we got in trouble by a teacher for being “too close” to each other! When I was getting ready to leave Isaiah literally ran right up to me and planted a huge kiss right on my cheek. I WAS SO SHOCKED and so excited that I basically ran away… and couldn’t even eat my in n out burger later on that night… but that’s our crazy, amazing life together started! And we’ve been in love ever since.

how they asked

This summer my fiancé, son (1) and I drove from Southern California all the way up to Alaska and camped the whole way. It was a trip of a lifetime! I honestly had no idea Isaiah was going to ask me during this trip. I honestly was kind of hoping he would but I was beyond surprised!

The day started like any other. We were staying with some friends in Anchorage, Alaska and us girls decided to get our nails done. We’d been driving for a couple weeks and I needed my nails done anyways so I had no suspicion at all! Once we got our nails done my fiancé, son and two friends all went up to the Kenia river to go fishing and stay at a cabin for a few days. My friend really wanted to go on this short hike that has a beautiful overlook of the river, and again I thought nothing of it. My friend actually could not find the trailhead to the trail she wanted to take us to and I had no idea why she was so into finding this trail!

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We finally found the trail head, loaded up our son in a hiking pack and we went on a little hike. The view from the top of the mountain was absolutely beautiful with Cristal Blue water down bellow! We were taking pictures and whatnot and all of a sudden Isaiah wanted to take a kissing picture (we never take kissing pictures so I was very confused to say the least). But we took the kissing picture and all of a sudden Isaiah gets down on one knee. (Honestly I thought he was falling over with Noah on his back and I was like “what the heck!” Haha). And all of a sudden he popped the question! Our son actually seemed like he was in on the proposal too! He was smiling and smiling like no other! It was the absolute perfect moment.

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