Erika and David

Image 1 of Erika and David

how we met

We met in Great Falls, Montana. David was stationed there with the Air Force and Erika moved to Great Falls for what was supposed to be a 4 month stretch of time. She got an internship with the Great Falls Voyagers baseball club and moved there on a whim after graduating college. They met halfway through her 4 month stretch and Erika spontaneously decided to stay in Montana (albeit without a job after her internship or a place to live). Clearly, things worked out in Montana!

We dated for 2 and a half years before we got engaged. (One whole year was spent apart while David was stationed in South Korea for work!) Talk about a challenge! It was 100% worth it though. We talk all the time about how the year doing long distance helped to strengthen our relationship.

Image 2 of Erika and David

how they asked

It was the day before Erika’s 26th birthday and we planned to go out to dinner and drinks downtown to celebrate. Dave was rushing Erika out of the door claiming that the Lyft driver got to our apartment really quickly. Dave took Erika to The Griffon bar by Waterfront park (Erika loves Harry Potter and the Griffon sounds a lot like Gryffindor which is a school House at Hogwarts. NERD!). We were both dressed up for the birthday occasion and Dave thought that the Griffon was a classy spot. He recalls walking in a seeing dollar bills plastered to the walls and it has a very distinctive Dive Bar feel to it. Erika’s drink didn’t taste good so she wanted to order another one. Meanwhile, Dave was only at the bar to waste time while we waited for Valerie!

Image 3 of Erika and David

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Image 5 of Erika and David

We left the bar and began to stroll around Waterfront Park. Dave was telling Erika a fake work story while he walked her into position in front of the Pineapple fountain. Dave began to tell Erika how lucky he was and how happy and in love he is. Erika (who had an inkling of what might be happening at this point: dressed up, VERY early for dinner, rushed out of the house and the bar, recapping his love for her) told David how much she loved him too.

Image 6 of Erika and David

Image 7 of Erika and David

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Image 9 of Erika and David

Then BAM! Down on one knee with the most beautiful ring ever asking Erika to spend the rest of her life with him. It was the easiest answer she ever gave! YES!

Image 10 of Erika and David

Erika has a two toned ring. The band is rose gold and the round diamond is held in place with white gold. There are 4 small diamonds on each side of the large diamond. The ring is one of a kind! David’s parents have been going to a jeweler in their home town of Medina, Ohio for years. Lorri has multiple pieces of jewelry from this shop and Dave’s sister, Hilary, had her engagement and wedding rings made there. Dave had the shop make a ring specific to his and Erika’s wants.

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