Erika and Brady

How We Met

Our story is my favorite story to tell! Brady & I were each accepted in the Disney College Program in Anaheim, CA for the Fall 2016 program. Because he opted to live with family, he started his program in May and I started mine in August. In the meantime, a Facebook page was made for all the program participants so we were each on there. Well, one day (June 10th, if you’re curious), there was a small earthquake in southern California and someone posted about it on the program Facebook page. Well, Brady commented back and said he was working in the parking structure when it happened. Me, being in Arizona still, saw his comment & thought, “Hey! I’m gonna be working in the Parking Structure in August! Who is this guy?” And thus the Facebook “stalking” began!

Over the months leading up to me moving to California, I discovered (via Facebook) that Brady was a Latter Day Saint as well, had a funny sense of humor, but most of all–he had a good-natured heart. I could also tell he was a natural born storyteller and that he loved his family and friends. I also learned–he was single & looking for his own Disney Princess! So not long after that earthquake, I decided: he is perfect for me! In fact, he may be THE one. And so it became the family joke. For the rest of the summer, it was “Erika’s going to move to California, find Brady, & marry him. Yep, that’s the plan.” So, that was the plan.

Come August, I moved to California and wouldn’t you know it, I ran into Brady on my FIRST day of training! But he didn’t know I existed. And I didn’t know what to say. So I just sat there. And watched him talk to other people in the breakroom. And eventually–leave. Weeks went by. I would see him from time to time but never had a chance to really talk. Finally, in October, our shifts overlapped for about 30 minutes and I KNEW it was my chance! So, I introduced myself. And we talked. And it was fun!

At the end of October, there was a program party and both of us were there. We ended up getting a few pictures together and I couldn’t help but to laugh and think “I finally have a picture with the guy I told my family about over the summer!” And I got up the guts to add him as a friend on Facebook (finally!).

Fast forward to April 2017. The program had ended and we had become REALLY close friends. Like, we’d stay after work and chat for 2-3 hours in the parking lot, we’d hang out on our off days, & I don’t know…we just had LOTS to talk about! One night, after work, we were laughing and talking in the parking lot and I can’t remember now what the topic was, but as we were talking, my brain went “YOU HAVE TO TELL HIM ABOUT HOW YOU FOUND HIM ON FACEBOOK”. And I decided–ya, we’re just friends. He doesn’t want to date me, so I can tell him this story now. So, timidly, I told him the whole story and he DIDN’T RUN AWAY! He laughed and thought it was the funniest story ever! It was shortly after that, he asked me on a date. We went on 4 or 5 dates and had a good time, but the timing wasn’t right so we took a step back and decided to just be friends.

Fast forward to March 2018–we’re still best friends but now it’s to a “we’re basically dating, minus the kissing and we each pay for our own food” level. We got in a HUGE fight over something, but unbeknownst to me at the time–Brady wanted to date me again. So, luckily, we made up quickly and shortly after that, he asked me on another date. But we both knew quickly after that that this time, it was meant to be.

Over the course of about 7 and a half months, we had both spent a lot of time with eachother & each other’s families and had talked a lot about the idea of us getting married. We referred to it as “in Hypothetical Land” and had already planned our future. He told me he had started ring shopping and had asked my ring size prior to all this, and eventually told me that the ring had been ordered–we’d be engaged by the time Thanksgiving rolled around. So I was on edge! I was so excited to be officially engaged to Brady because I had grown to love him even more than I even originally imagined–he really was my best friend and the Love of my Life!

How They Asked

November 14, 2018–Brady planned a trip down to San Diego for me, him, and a few of our friends. We went to Balboa Park, which holds a special place in our hearts due to a previous visit, and walked around there, taking pictures and just having a great time! He had the idea to dress up so we both looked nice and my roommate brought her camera. And we just took some “fake engagement” pictures. Eventually, we came to a giant white, red, & pink Christmas tree. And at the foot of the tree was a giant heart, made out of coat hangers and the love notes we had written over the course of our relationship, all surrounded by rose petals. It was gorgeous! And by the time I figured it out, he was on one knee–and I couldn’t wait to say yes!! He had had my sisters in Arizona record themselves singing “Something There” from Beauty & the Beast and had that playing on his phone as he popped the question. AND one of the friends that came with us live streamed it so our families and friends at home could watch! It was so thoughtful! We kissed, we hugged, he told me how he had made several trips from Orange, CA down to San Diego to pick out the perfect spot and coordinate everything. My roommates who “didn’t” come on the trip were the ones who laid out the notes and rose petals. And I also found out that while on our most recent trip to Arizona, Brady had talked to my parents and asked for their permission while I was getting my hair cut! He really thought of everything! He even won double brownie points by buying me the Beauty & the Beast ring from the Zales Disney Collection! He knows that Beauty and the Beast are my favorite and wanted to be sure my ring was extra special!

That day was beyond perfect! And not a day goes by that I’m not grateful for him and the fact that so many years later, my original goal is fulfilled–I moved to California and married Brady LeSueur! This sweet man is mine forever and I can’t wait to spend eternity with him!

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