Erika and Blake

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How We Met

I moved to a new city in high school and met Blake in geometry class. He noticed that I was listening to my iPod and asked about some of the songs. He and I immediately clicked, but instead of dating, we became friends. We both loved music and sharing it with each other. Our friendship grew throughout the years even as we both moved to different cities for college. I always called Blake for advice–even before I would call my girlfriends. He gave the best dating advice! Towards the end of college, I had an epiphany that the guy I called my best friend actually meant more than that to me, and I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I told him all of this, and though we were both reluctant to risk our friendship, we decided to start dating.

how they asked

Fast forward four years: In 2016 Blake was in his last year of medical school, and we had begun to have “the conversation” about what would happen afterward. We wanted to get married, but Blake was adamant about a surprise proposal. Blake and I love music. He surprised me with early birthday tickets to go see one of our favorite artists, Ray LaMontagne, in Dallas, Texas on September 24, 2016. Ray just happens to sing the song I imagine myself walking down the aisle to. Blake told me he had a whole day planned in Dallas for my birthday celebration, and our first stop was The Dallas Arboretum. They had their fall decorations everywhere, and it was beautiful. Once we got to a certain path, Blake began to slow down and tell me all the things he loves about me.

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Side note: I can’t remember a thing he said, but he framed his proposal speech for me so I can see it every day! We got to the end of the path, and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him.

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After we celebrated, he told me to look over, and there was a photographer documenting the whole entire moment! It was so surreal and magical, and I felt so special.

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After the proposal, we went to the concert and listened to the song I will be walking down the aisle to. So perfect.

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Special Thanks

Connie Meinhardt
 | Photographer