Erika and Bernabe

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How We Met

I met Bernabe working for a retail store. He hired me on and we worked together without dating or talking outside of work for a year. He was such a great guy, so nice and everyone loved him. When he first told me that he was transferring stores I felt so hurt and I didn’t know why, the more I thought about it the more I realized I was slowly falling for him. The day he left he asked me out to dinner with some friends, 3 years later here we are.

how they asked

My best friend Mikhaela and her husband Tony were visiting from out of town, they had a list of places they wanted to see in the Bay Area where I live. So when Mikhaela suggested Castello Di Amorosa I thought nothing of it (Bernabe told her to suggest it)

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That morning we all met up and made our way to the castle, we walked the surrounding area and took pictures. Finally when we got to the front there was two photographers who were stationed there taking pictures of the Castle (Bernabe actually hired them to be there and I thought nothing of it considering it’s such a famous touristic place in Napa) We started taking pictures of each other and then Bernabe suggested we all take one together but there was no one to take it except Kanoa (the photographer) so Bernabe asked him to take one with his phone. Kanoa took our picture and then offered to take one with his Camera and gave us his card so we can “look him up”. Finally when it was our turn to take the picture I was posing and smiling when he called for my attention, got on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said yes!!!

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Special Thanks

Kanoa Utler
 | Photographer
Kanoa Utler
 | Videographer