Erika and Austin

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How We Met

Back at Northside Middle and High School where we both attended school we had a mutual friend, Brittany Puckett. Myself being in 8th grade when Brittany and I became close friends and hit it off doing everything together. She was in 9th grade and at the High school they had 1st, 2nd and 3rd lunches. Brittany and Austin had the same lunch (not sure which period it was, but you get my point) and he asked her “who is that short brown headed girl you hang out with?” she responded “Erika?” and he said “I guess that’s her name and he said “well if that’s her, you need to hook me up.” Lunch had ended and off to the rest of the few classes left and school let out at 3:25 PM and I would meet Brittany in the bus lot when school let out and we would chat before we went home or some days I would go home with her and vice versa. She was walking out of school one afternoon with a guy that had caught my eye at the buses with her one day so I asked her “who’s that guy you were walking out of school with?” and she said “that’s Austin we eat lunch together everyday” and I said “he’s pretty good looking, does he have a girlfriend?” and she said “i’m not sure if he does or not but he asked me who you were and that I needed to hook him up with you.” I got home that afternoon/evening and I had a friend request on Facebook from “Austin Janney” and I had all heart eyes. Eventually, we talked and come to find out our families were close back in the day and something told me one day we were meant to be. But thanks to my girl Brittany, we wouldn’t be together without her hooking us up but i’m so thankful she did.

how they asked

Friday September 29, 2017 Austin and I had went and ran a few errands and he was acting a little off and secretive so I questioned him “are you okay?” or something along the lines of “you sure are acting a bit nervous” with the response of “yeah why wouldn’t I be?” and of course my eyes were rolling! We went back home for the evening and I did my normal routine, Austin was outside in the garage and getting a bonfire going. I got my kids in bed by 8:30 PM and I was taking advantage of my time and took a relaxing shower. I’m scrubbing my hair and next thing I know Austin is in the bathroom saying “hey babe, I love you” and i’m thinking to myself you never come in the bathroom when i’m taking a shower or come and say “i love you” while i’m in the shower either so I responded “i love you too” and “what’re you doing?” and he opened the shower curtain and got down on one knee and tears filled my eyes and my body was shaking with excitement with so many emotions while he began to state the words “Will you mary me and spend the rest of your life with me?” of course I said YES! October 5th was right around the corner which is my birthday and it was suppose to be done on my 21st at El Rodeo with everyone around but he stated to me “I couldn’t hold it in any longer” and I could tell he was a nervous wreak and wouldn’t leave my side after he did it that evening. HOW MANY people do you know have been proposed to in the shower?! I was full of excitement and laughter because it was just a unique place to be asked but I wouldn’t want to have it any other way knowing I get to spend the rest of my life with my other half.