Erika and Anthony

How We Met

Well that’s a funny one me and my brother are best friends and I wouldn’t in my wildest dreams think of ever looking at one of his friends as my boyfriend’s but one day my brother comes and sits at the end of my bed and tells me sister you don’t know how to pick them and let me pick one for you and there it all went from there I found my soulmate my other half the love of my life and it’s all thanks to my brother my best friend

how they asked

Thanksgiving I’ve always been a favorite holiday to me it has been my grandmother’s holiday for as long as I can remember as of 2002 I have cooked Thanksgiving my mom woke up that day Grandma wasn’t here no more cuz she have passed away and she said she wasn’t cooking so I started cooking it myself the whole meal so I warned Anthony once we got together that Thanksgiving was my holiday and the past three Thanksgiving have been the most beautiful non-stress holiday because of him as everybody was giving thanks for what they were thankful for it was his turn and as soon as he said what he was thankful for he asked me to be his wife.

Special Thanks

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