Erik and Katie

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How We Met

In September 2013 Katie and I met when she was walking home with a few of her friend’s. My roommate, at the time, was in the same class as Katie. She stopped to ask him questions about the class. I missed the opportunity to ask her out so I decided to find her on Facebook. I messaged her and asked if she would like to go to a new restaurant in town. Katie responded right away and we set up a time for dinner. When I walked her to the door we couldn’t stop talking. We ended up staying up all night chatting in her living room. After a year and a half long, long distance relationship, Katie moved up to Minneapolis to pursue her social work career. We have gone on several trips together but we will never forget our trip to Colorado to visit Rocky Mountain National Park.

how they asked

I found Travis online as I was looking for a hidden photographer to capture my marriage proposal. Not only does Travis photographer marriage proposals but he also helps plan proposals. We talked on the phone for about an hour, he asked me all sorts of questions about how I wanted to propose. He went out in the National Park to scout a few different locations, sending me pictures of what he was seeing. We made our plan to use Big Meadows as the location. This was going to be a bit more involved since I had a few other family members with me. I told Travis that I wanted the family to be able to witness the proposal but not be so close as to be able to hear it. He found a bend in a creek for us to have our moment and my family witnessed from about 100 yards away. Travis was hidden in the trees in a ghillie suit and as we passed by he crept in closer to get the photographs. Everything worked out just as we planned and EVERYONE was thrilled with the event! After SHE SAID YES we all got together on a footbridge to take shots. Travis had some beer pint glasses etched with out names, the date, and the location. He also found us a nice Colorado beer to toast out new engagement.

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