Erik and Cristina

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How We Met

Erik and I met three years ago at a coffee shop, we’ve known about each other but never spoke. In July 2017 we both went to a camp with friends and church staff. Having us not really knowing each other we started to open up and share a little about ourselves. We spoke all those three days that we were there at the camp and we decided we should still keep in touch when we return home.

how they asked

Once we returned home he asked me out for ice cream which i guess counted as our first date. We spent another few days together before he had to leave to Florida to help out at a teens camp since he was staff. That week was dreadful and we both realized how much we missed each other. He came home earlier than he was expected to and took me out on a date and for dinner. That night we both agreed to be faithful to each other and to love each other as our new journey as a couple began. Little did I know, Erik was ready for more than just being a couple. Two months had gone by and we saw each other every day, even if it was for just an hour. We knew it was something special when we could see each other every single day but still miss the other one as soon as they left. Less than a week away from our three month anniversary, we decided to go explore a new park with a waterfall at Cedar Falls Park. As we spent our day out in the sun and took pictures, Erik set up a camera right behind us to capture something i did not expect. He had my Gopro in his hands and was recording the scenery. As he was doing that he pointed the camera into my direction and got down on one knee and captured my entire reaction to the proposal. Nobody knew that he had planned a proposal, many did not even know we were a couple. As its said, the best is yet to come, but for now i feel like my best has just begun. So Erik, my darling, I will never finish falling in love with you.

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