Ericka and Frank

How We Met

Frank and I met almost 3 years ago in the most embarrassing way possible. I was living in downtown Los Angeles doing missions work throughout the city. One evening I went out with a missions team to feed the homeless on a Friday night. As we were walking through the streets I saw 2 guys around my age and my heart instantly broke thinking that they were living in the conditions I was walking through. I walked up to one of them and asked if he was hungry or wanted water. He responded with “I’m actually here to join the team you’re serving on”. I was mortified and he wasn’t amused by my unfortunate mixup but we made it through the night and ended up getting tacos together. From that night on we became great friends and then best friends. We did absolutely everything together. People around us constantly joked that we’d be the best friends who fell in love. We denied it for so long but before we knew it, it came to be true!

how they asked

My fiancé showed up at my door at 4:30 am to “go watch the sunrise”. I was caught off guard and a little bit grumpy from the abrupt awakening. I threw on some yoga pants and hurried out the door with him. We were leaving to the beach later that day so I was convinced that he would ask there and that this was a ploy to throw me off. We grabbed a coffee and made small talk as we drove but before I knew it he handed me a blindfold and I immediately knew what was coming. We drove for about 20 minutes before we got to where we were going. He helped me out of the car and I blindly followed him to the beautiful set up awaiting us. He was so nervous that he let me walk right into a pole which only made his nerves worse but it was a good laugh for us at least. I took off my blindfold and there were candles everywhere, rose petals, a pallet table full of fresh flowers and fruit, and a beautiful seating area for the two of us.

Proposal Ideas A rooftop in downtown Bakersfield

We were on a parking complex that overlooked the entire city so we walked around and took in all of the sights reminiscing on the first time we met. As the sun started to rise he handed me a letter that started with “to the woman that I adore” and ended with “so I have a question”. I balled as I read his words and when I turned around he was on one knee.

Marriage Proposal Ideas in A rooftop in downtown Bakersfield

I was crying so hard I didn’t even look at the ring at that moment! I grabbed him and hugged him and soaked up every second of that moment. When he showed me the ring I cried, even more, it’s beautiful. The way he loves me is beautiful! I won’t share every part of the letter he wrote but one of the last lines said this.. “we’ve had our uncertainties but I’m surely certain of this. God made us for one another.” And it’s true. We are truly blessed to get to walk into this new journey together!