Ericka and Erik

How We Met

I was celebrating my 25th birthday in The Village four years ago with my friend D. In the middle of dancing, his handsome friend walks in and joins the party. We weren’t introduced, but we stared at each other for about half an hour. FINALLY, he asked if he could buy me a birthday drink… I said yes, surprisingly.

He was persistent for about 8 months after that because I wouldn’t agree to be his girlfriend… but I knew from our first dinner date that I was going to spend the rest of my life with him.

how they asked

We love Christmas! Every year we go to the Rockefeller Tree, Fifth Avenue and Radio City to start the holiday festivities. We had never been able to go ice skating because it was always too cold to wait on line. This year, he made the reservations online and we went on Veteran’s Day. When we arrived, we filled out a raffle ticket for two Broadway show tickets that they were going to give out.

We skated and took pictures for about an hour. Then, everyone was instructed to clear the rink so they could clean the ice, and call the raffle ticket winners. I wasn’t even listening, because what are the odds we win out of 500 people! Well, when they called out our names I started screaming and they asked that the winner come to the center of the rink to claim the ‘prize’.

We received an envelope labeled “WINNER” in big, red letters… but it was empty. When I looked up at him in confusion, his eyes were teary and all he was able to make out as he got on one knee was, “Will you marry me?”


As if that wasn’t enough!! Everybody started cheering and I hear banging from the side of the rink… I look over and my parents, brother, in-laws, and Godmother were there waiting for the special moment!!!

It was the most amazing day of my entire existence.