Ericka and Corey

How We Met

Right before our freshman year of college started, we had a week called Welcome Days at Houston Baptist University. I was with my teammate and I saw Corey across the cafeteria and from that moment I knew I wanted him to be my boyfriend. A week or so went by and I finally saw him again. I went up to him after his football game and he didn’t seem very interested. I thought maybe he was just tired so the next week, I pretended to know the guy he was sitting with (I only knew the guy because I followed him on Instagram) so that I could sit and talk to Corey. It worked! Corey and I sat there, for what seemed like forever, talking about our goals and our home lives and we became best friends instantly.

Ericka's Proposal in The Menil Collection: The Cy Twombly Gallery in Houston, Texas

Proposal Ideas The Menil Collection: The Cy Twombly Gallery in Houston, Texas

Ericka and Corey's Engagement in The Menil Collection: The Cy Twombly Gallery in Houston, Texas

On our first date, he asked me to church (I was sold) and then to a scavenger hunt that he had to do for an art class at a museum called the Menil Collection. We went to eat wings after that and the whole time I remember thinking that I never wanted it to end. He was SO much fun to be with. Then, after about a week of knowing each other, he asked me to be his girlfriend and I rejected because I felt like we didn’t know each other well enough (little did I know how persistent he would be)… a week later he showed up to my dorm and asked me to come outside. In his backpack, he had a single red rose and some of my favorite snacks (it was my time of the month, TMI I know.. but it was sweet that he remembered what those faves were after only knowing me for a couple of weeks) and he pulled them out of his bag. He gave them to me and asked me to be his girlfriend again. He was so nervous and I couldn’t deny how much I liked him too so I decided to say yes to the cute football nerd!

Wedding Proposal Ideas in The Menil Collection: The Cy Twombly Gallery in Houston, Texas

Engagement Proposal Ideas in The Menil Collection: The Cy Twombly Gallery in Houston, Texas

How They Asked

Over the past (almost) 5 years, Corey and I have bonded over being similar in many ways (other than the fact that we look alike). One of those things was that we both love our grandparents dearly. Corey and I understood each other and our family dynamics and the fact that we both cherished our grandmas so much really made us close, especially when we were getting to know each other. Unfortunately, after 20 years of battling a plethora of illnesses and diseases, my grandma passed away. Corey grew to become one of her own grandchildren throughout our relationship and when I shared the news to her that Corey had asked my parents for their blessing, she was overjoyed (this was a few months ago). My grandmother passed away on May 30, 2019, and Corey had planned on proposing on June 1, 2019.

On the day she passed away, Corey dropped everything in San Antonio (we have been doing long distance for a year since he is a medical school in SA and I am in grad school in Houston) and drove straight to Houston. On Friday – the day after she passed – he asked me if I wanted to get my mind off of things for a while and plan a day to go to museums and our favorite burger spot. We didn’t really have anything planned (or so I thought) and we woke up Saturday, June 1st, got ready and spent the day eating and museum hopping.

Our first stop was a classic, The Menil Collection (where we had our first date) and our second stop was a break at the bistro there for an iced coffee before heading to a gallery at the Menil we had never been to. We walked into The Cy Twombly and Corey needed a bathroom break. While I waited on him, I told my little (A Chi O baby!) that I had a feeling he would propose today but since he was in a t-shirt (like what… no way he would propose in a t-shirt, right?!) and we had been playing our day by ear AND considering all of the recent emotions with my grandma passing, I figured he would just push it back.

We proceeded to stroll through The Cy Twombly and as we left Corey asked me to sit at this beautiful little spot under a huge tree before we went to the next museum. If anyone knows me well, they know that greenery and nature are some of my favorite things and little did I know this would be the perfect spot for him to pop the question.

We sat at the bench and he asked me how I was doing.. I said sad (awkward!) and so he began to try to cheer me up and he started telling me all the sweet things. Then, he began rambling, sweating and he seemed pretty nervous so at that point I knew it was coming. Corey asked me to be his wife that day, knowing that my grandma wouldn’t have wanted anything more than our happiness.

That weekend was full of emotions but to me and my whole family, our engagement is a beautiful representation of life. Joy comes in the morning and our engagement was able to bring a smile to so many of our loved ones’ faces in a time when we needed it most. I am so thankful he proposed when he did and I am so excited to be husband and wife!

Special Thanks

Roberto Ganoza
 | Photographer