Scott and Erica

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How We Met

It was a weekday afternoon, and one of the first nice spring days in the city. I had to babysit that evening, so I wanted to enjoy a few moments in the sun before I had to leave. I grabbed an iced-coffee from the Coffee Bean on 83rd and 3rd and went to sit outside. There was one table available and it was on top of an uneven basement grate. I dragged the table off the grate and closer to the table next to mine. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed a young guy sitting at that table, but I was enjoying my few moments with headphones and coffee. 30 minutes later, I took my headphones out to say hi to someone passing who I knew. While my headphones were out, the guy from the table next to me took the opportunity to make conversation. It was only for a few minutes before my roommate met me at the Coffee Bean and we had to go. Without exchanging names or phone numbers – I said it was nice to meet you, and continued on my way. (Thoughts going through my head: He was definitely around my age. Friendly…as he spoke to about 3 different people he knew who walked by during that 30 minute period. Long hair & long beard, kind of mysterious. I wish I got his name.)

A little over a month later, I bumped into “The Coffee Shop Guy,” aka Scott, one night on the street corner of 83rd and 2nd. I had just left yoga class, and was saying goodbye to my friends. We both looked at each other and said “Hey, you’re that girl from the coffee shop”…”Hey you’re that guy from the coffee shop.” After I introduced Scott to my friends, he didn’t leave. After a brief awkward moment, (why wasn’t he leaving), I said to my friends, “Okay, I will see you later,” and asked Scott where he was heading. He decided to walk me where I was going, to get Juice.

It turns out, he knew a better place and dragged me somewhere else. As per Scott, Abaleh was closer than Juice Generation, and has the best juice on the UES. While in line he cut right to the chase, “Did you say you were in your late 20s?” (I had not mentioned my age). “Are you Jewish,”…”What do you do for work,”… and, “Do you work out on the UES.” He didn’t waste any time to see if we would be compatible. I appreciated his directness. He treated us both to juice, and we sat outside for an hour talking. We exchanged names and numbers, and had a really great conversation.

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From that Monday on, June 8, 2015, we have spoken to each other every single day. We were engaged 4 1/2 months later and we have never been happier. Meeting outside the Coffee Bean and then again on the street was fate. We are living a true NYC love story. We are grateful for the Upper East Side and for 83rd street, and hope you love our #83rdstlovestory as much as we do.

how they asked

I picked Erica up after work on a Friday from NYC. We Drove to central NJ to an amazing bed and breakfast. We ended up going to a nice dinner and going back to the B&B and going to sleep.

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We woke up at 5am for a 6am sunrise hot air balloon ride. Halfway through the ride I ask Erica to be my wife (see our video below!). We went back to the B&B to recoup. Then we headed off to a private winery to soak in the moment.

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Then we headed back in NYC where I had hair and makeup waiting for her to get ready for dinner. We went to the top of the world trade center building and head an amazing dinner on top of the 103 floor overlooking the entire city! Then we head to dessert at the plaza hotel where it was really a surprise engagement party with all our friends and family from all over the country. It was really special! After that, we went back to our hotel room I had booked for the night back in the city where we walked into the room filled with 16 vases of her favorite flowers! Then we crashed after a very, very long day. We woke up and had brunch with all the out-of-town guests. That was it. 3 days of heaven.

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