Erica and Doug | Proposal in Paris

Image 1 of Erica and Doug | Proposal in ParisHow We Met: Doug and I met through! It was the third time giving the website a chance to introduce us our soulmates, and after coming up empty-handed before, we both were nervous that maybe love wasn’t in the cards for us. I had been pretty picky with the guys I was choose to interact with, sticking only with the city guys. When Doug’s email hit my inbox, I thought his picture was cute, but was a little disappointed to see he lived in the suburbs. Upon further reading into his profile, I was intrigued to see that his description of his “Dream Girl” was basically ME! I had to meet this guy now! After a few email exchanges, we had our first date at La Scarola, an amazing Italian restaurant that still serves as our first date anniversary dinner spot today, and had a great time! He eventually thought I was blowing him off when I had to leave the date early due to being called into work (I am a nurse) but that couldn’t have been further from the truth. I couldn’t wait to see him again! The rest is history.. we continued dating, seamlessly integrated ourselves into each other’s friendships and families, went on several exciting adventures, laughed more than normal people should, and made lasting memories together.

how they asked: I was going to Paris for 10 days on a girls trip at the end of July 2013, and the girls had invited Doug to come along; he regretfully declined. As much as I was going to miss being in the City of Love with my man, I was so excited to see Paris with my girls!! There were two sites I was dying to see: the Paris Opera House (I’m a Phantom of the Opera fanatic!) and the Bridge of Love/ Ponts des Artes, where those in love lock up a lock with their names on it, throwing the key over the side of the bridge into the river Seine, forever locking up their love. How romantic! One of our first days there, I got to lock up the lock Doug & I had made before I left. Little did I know……

…. Doug had been conspiring since March with one of his friends about coming to Paris to surprise me! One and a half months before we left, he continued his conspiring with my best friend Karina, who was going on the trip with me – she eventually included her friend Rafael who lives in Paris to help out as well. Doug flew into Paris the morning of the proposal, met up with Karina & Rafael, they finalized their plans and decided on THE spot to stage this proposal at – the Bridge of Love!

That night, us girls thought we were hitting the town with Rafael, so we got all dressed up and decked out and went to meet him at the Pont des Artes. He had a camera with him and wanted to take photos of us before going out, so he posed us on the bridge and started snapping. Then he started complaining about some guy who wouldn’t stop photo-bombing our pictures. I didn’t think anything of it until Rafael showed us the picture on his camera… and zoomed in. There was Doug….standing behind us…. but he couldn’t be here?! I swung around to find my handsome, smiling boyfriend standing in the middle of the bridge. We walked towards each other, embraced, kissed, I think I asked a million times “What are you doing here?!?!”, kissed and hugged some more. Then he tells me he loves me and wants to lock this down for life (well played bridge pun!), dropped to one knee and unveiled the most perfect ring ever to me. Shock paralyzed me for a second before I said YES! We locked another lock onto the bridge that he had brought, right next to the one I locked up previously.

Lots of champagne, pictures, overseas phone calls, celebrating, dancing, and secret-revealing happened later. We basically had THE best night anyone could ever have in Paris. Tres Romantique! Image 2 of Erica and Doug | Proposal in ParisImage 3 of Erica and Doug | Proposal in ParisImage 4 of Erica and Doug | Proposal in ParisImage 5 of Erica and Doug | Proposal in ParisImage 6 of Erica and Doug | Proposal in ParisImage 7 of Erica and Doug | Proposal in ParisImage 8 of Erica and Doug | Proposal in Paris