Erica and Vinny

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How We Met

We are both in the Coast Guard and shortly after meeting each other we instantly became best friends. He understood me in every aspect from my job to my personality. He’s everything I ever wanted and more.

how they asked

He is being transferred to Ohio and the day before he left, he said that he wanted to go to the Fire Island Lighthouse. I’ve never been there either so I was very excited to see the view. We went with some of his close friends and while admiring the view it all of the sudden became very quiet. After a couple minutes I turned around to see my best friend on one knee with a ring pop in hand.

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I figured it was a joke because he loves messing with me but then he reaches in his pocket and pulls out a ring. I was so surprised that I started shaking. I can’t wait to laugh away life with my best friend ❤️