Erica and Tim

How We Met

Erica was a waitress at a local bar/restaurant in Hamden, CT. Tim has just finished up grad school nearby and him and his friends would come in every Friday night. After weeks of flirting, Tim asked Erica “what would you say if I asked you out sometime” and Erica said “depends on where we are going”. We ended up going on our first date to the North Haven movie theater. The movie froze mid-way and started playing backwards and the entire theater was let out with a refund so we grabbed cheese fries at Ruby Tuesdays.

How They Asked

We were heading to Las Vegas, a trip that Erica had planned for Tim as a Christmas present in 2017 (his first time in Vegas!). Tim was driving and told Erica that we were going to stop at Red Rock National Park on the way to the hotel. We drove all through the beautiful park, taking pictures out the car window, looking for parking. It was so crowded and Tim seemed to be gettin frustrated that he couldn’t pull over to park. Erica didn’t mind driving through, clueless of the reason he wanted to exit the car. At the bottom of the park, right by the exit, Tim pulled over. He said “get out” and proposed right in the parking lot!

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