Erica and Steve

Punk Rock Drummer Meets Horror Photographer. And we ended up at a pirate exhibit…

Proposal IdeaHow HeAsked: Steve and I had plans to check out a pirate exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science for the longest time. The exhibit is all about the slave-ship-turned-pirate-ship called the Whydah. It was the Saturday before Mother’s Day when we had decided to finally go to the museum.

We started heading over there and Steve’s GPS literally had us going in circles in some shady part of town. I was cracking up the whole time.

We [again] finally made it to the museum when it was time to head in at 4 (which was our scheduled time). We went in and I was SOOO excited, I was literally dragging Steve all over the exhibit. I did notice that the security guard was following us around, but I just figured that he thought that we were just a couple of hooligans about to steal something, so I let it go…

We made it to one of the last rooms, the one where they talk about an epic storm and the ship sinking. I was reading a giant pirate sign when Steve had to ask me what the “ear” sign above it was.

Rather than looking at it, I just started explaining that “it’s one of those signs where if you rented a headset you can….” then I looked at the sign I thought he was talking about only to find the one next to it that said “Erica, marry me?”

I was speechless and totally looked around for another Erica. Then I heard some guy yell, “Hey! I think he’s proposing!” Then I turned around to find Steve on one knee holding a ring. Then that same guy yelled “Yup! He’s proposing!” It was hilarious!

I then realized that the reason why the security guard was following us was because he wanted to watch the proposal, along with all the head honchos of the museum who were apparently also following us. Steve had the whole museum in on it.

A pirate lady even came up to us and gave us a pirate blessing in this sweet pirate accent. Everything turned out perfectly, and we got to go back to the exhibit after!

OH, and obviously I said yes … we totally high-fived after that!