Erica and Sean

How We Met

Back in June 2012 my friend and I decided we needed to get to an Indians game. While on a break from our bleacher seats, we ventured out to the bar in center field. 10 minutes later Asdrubal Cabrera hit a home run and I high fived the neighbor next to me. Little did I know that that stranger would turn into my fiancee. After the game ended we all decided to grab a bite to eat and, at this point in the night, I had no reservations about ordering (and finishing) a cheeseburger in front of Sean. Once he told me how impressed he was, I knew I had found a keeper!

Engagement Proposal Ideas in At our House

how they asked

We got back to our house after being at a Kentucky Derby party and once our dog didn’t come running to greet us I knew something was wrong. Then all of a sudden I heard music being played in our back room. My first thought was “Oh no, there’s an intruder!” (I watch too much Law & Order). Sean must have seen the panicked look on my face because he said “Follow me.” As we rounded the corner into our kitchen I saw rose petals on the floor and the daily lunch jokes I write him were strung up. I had kept telling him he needed to save the jokes because I didn’t want to rewrite them once we have kids, and he would always say “Oh well, sorry,” little did I know he was saving them for the best moment of my life.

Proposal Ideas At our House

As we walked into the back room, I spotted my best friend there to take pictures and a table set up. Behind the macarons with our engagement date and my new monogram was a joke that said “Why did the bee get married?” – He found his honey.

Sean got down on one knee and asked me to marry him and it was the easiest answer to give.

After the (happy) tears had gone down and we popped the champagne, Sean asked me if I wanted to have his friend bring our dog back home. Being the obsessive dog mom I am, I was ready to see our boy. When Diesel walked through the door he was accompanied by two of my best friends that live out of state. Just when I thought the tears were over they started back up again! I cannot wait to start this chapter of my life with the stranger from the Indians game.

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