Erica and Scott: Banner Ad Marriage Proposal

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How We Met: I had been participating in a Fire Island Beach share house for several years. On the recommendation of a fellow housemate, Scott joined in summer of 2008. We were introduced via a mass email chain of housemates discussing what to make that weekend for dinner. Soon the chain broke off to just an email between Scott and I, making jokes and passing the hours until the end of the work week. We decided to meet at Penn Station (each with a close friend) to travel to the beach together. After meeting, getting to the house and cooking in the kitchen together, the chemistry was undeniable.

The group decided to continue the weekend’s festivities with a happy hour back in the city the following Tuesday. As the work week began, everyone cancelled (including me!), but Scott was persistent. He insisted we meet for a drink, even if only across the street from my home. I acquiesced, we had a few drinks, went for dinner and have been inseparable ever since!

how they asked: Thursday, April 26th began as a really stressful day at my Ad Agency. With multiple accounts having multiple drama filled moments, it was all I could do to take some time for lunch with my team. As I complained about the morning to 2 teammates, little did I know that they were bursting at the seams since they knew what was to come that afternoon.

Around 4:30pm, I was sitting in my office when a co-worker came rushing in to let me know our client had called. He said the client was surfing, where we are currently running a campaign, and that the ads were not rendering correctly. Oh great, I thought, more drama! He told me to click on the link that another co-worker then immed to me, and as I watched the page load there were banners with pink flowers all over them. I looked up at my co-worker and said, these aren’t our banners. I looked back down to the screen and in place of the flowers was a message. It said “Erica, will you marry me? You are the love of my life. –Scott” I looked back at my co-worker– we tend to play jokes on each other– but this one did not strike me as funny. Just as I was about to get angry for such a mean joke, in walked Scott, in his tuxedo, with a dozen gorgeous roses and 2 professional violinists!

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My co-worker snuck out of my office to make room for Scott, who got down on one knew and asked me to marry him. All of my office mates were standing outside of the wall of my office, beaming, and once I recovered (sort of) from the shock and romance, we all went to the main conference room for some celebratory cocktails.

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What followed was a happy hour that I had set up with an industry colleague that was actually all part of the engagement plan too, as my mom, sister and new in-laws were all waiting at the bar to celebrate. Around 10pm, I texted my team to ask if I could work from home the following day, the bubbly was going to my head. A couple of weeks later, a trade publication for our industry, AdAge, posted the story online. We got to relive the moment, along with a minor bout of internet celebrity as the story reached it’s way across the twitter-sphere, and the world!