Erica and Samuel

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I was over at a friends house (Sam’s sister) making sweet treats for a party. I was not wearing any makeup and my hair was not done, so I was totally in my element. Sam happened to walk in and his sister Alex introduced me. I didn’t think much of the guy but that he was handsome and had a great smile, i mentioned it discreetly to Alex that her brother was cute. A few days passed and never did I think she’d tell him that until one night over dinner with her and two other friends, she mentioned it to him and he was like “ew, it would be weird dating one of my sisters friends…. ” then eventually he asked for my number from her…. And fast forward a year and a half he popped the question during a surprise engagement shoot. I was totally in my element, my feet were hurting from walking in heels all day and I just wasn’t feeling pretty. That night he made me feel like the only woman that mattered to him, he was so nervous while proposing. I’ll never forget how we met, I knew his parents and sister before meeting him and Mom loved me for her son, I guess her prayer was answered.

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Special Thanks

 | Photos by Adriana Euresti