Erica and Sam

How We Met

We met on Tinder… I wish there was a way to make that more romantic than it is, although I guess the fact that a Tinder match led to an actual date is pretty romantic in and of itself :).

how they asked

I was having a ROUGH week… It started with an ER trip Sunday for stitches after a tumultuous run-in with an apple corer. That led to a 102 fever on Monday, and Tuesday I had to leave for a conference in CO. When I got home Thursday night, around 1 am, I was so exhausted I barely made it to work on Friday. Definitely was wearing leggings and an oversized t-shirt and I don’t think I even put moisturizer on that morning, let along makeup.

I had calls scheduled Friday from 9am-3pm so when our development team scheduled a “build review” (a review of updates to our newest VR training module) I was pissed. I went up to our VR loft for the build review, put on the HTC Vive headset, and followed instructions towards what I thought were new features. When I saw the new door in our training warehouse labeled “Erica Access Only” I was SO excited. I thought the guys were just doing something nice for me since I’d had such a rough week. After walking through the door, I entered a large hallway full of pictures of my life with Sam. At first, I thought they’d just pulled down some pictures from my Facebook but, when I realized they were ALL pictures of me and Sam, that’s when I knew what was happening.

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At the end of the corridor was a room with a box and, when I opened the box, there was a ring inside! With instructions to take off my headset. I did, and that’s when I saw Sam, on one knee, proposing!

After I got done crying and profusely thanking my amazing co-workers for helping make this proposal a reality, Sam told me we had to go. He took me to a restaurant across the street where both our families were waiting! This was really the most special part of the day. We live in Detroit, my parents live in Philly, and my sister lives in Chicago. For all of us to be together is pretty rare, and we’re very close. I loved that they got to watch (Sam live streamed to them)/be a part of the whole thing and was touched they were finally meeting Sam’s mom and brother.

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