Erica and Robert's Snowy Proposal

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How We Met

Robert and I met after a high school football game in August of 2008 at a local church that was throwing an after game party for students. I remember thinking he was very attractive and that I wanted to spend more time with him. We both ended up becoming involved with the church’s youth group and took a trip down to Mississippi to a large youth camp. He wore this one particular hat every moment he was allowed to and would not let anyone take it. However, I somehow managed to get ahold of it the last day there and he let me wear it for the entire day. That’s when I realized that we had a connection and we began to date shortly after returning home from that trip.

how they asked

Robert and I were visiting our friends in Breckenridge in March of 2015 on a much needed mini vacation from graduate school. We wanted to explore the beautiful snow covered mountains before our time was up so Robert and I along with our friends went hiking one morning along the continental divide, Hoosier Pass. My best friend, Melissa, is a photographer and she wanted to stop at an overlook to take some photos and asked me to pose while she got her lens in focus. She took a picture of me by myself and then one of Robert and I together.

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I started to walk towards her to ask if she wanted a picture with her husband and then I heard “wait” so I turned around. Robert was kneeling (in the snow in jeans!) with a box in his hands! I immediately started crying trying to hold myself from tackling him into the snow. After I calmed down he asked me to be his wife forever and I said “yes!” Inside the box was an address to the jewelry store we were going to the next day in Denver to pick out my ring together. It was absolutely the best proposal I could have ever asked for. And I am so glad that we had this moment captured for us to always look back on.

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I am so thrilled to have this opportunity to share our story because it was such a magical moment for us and I hope others will have the inspiration to propose to their significant other in a magical way as well!

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