Erica and Michael

Erica and Michael's Engagement in Positano, Italy
Mike and I met during the very last 6 weeks of senior year at Marist College in Poughkeepsie NY. The crazy part about our meeting was that we pretty much went almost 4 years without ever crossing paths, but we had many mutual friends. I remember saying to my mom at the beginning of senior year, “well, the dream of meeting a nice boy at college is pretty much over, I know everyone on campus” .. but life is strange and sometimes you are forced to hold out a little longer for the best things.

Mike and I are both Italian with very strong family roots, and we’ve always dreamed about traveling to Italy together and experiencing all the culture. We both really enjoy traveling and it something that we hope to take with us into our married life. After six years of dating, paying off student loans, multiple moves, multiple jobs, grad school graduations and the purchase of our first home… We finally decided it was time to take our dream vacation.

Mike and I have discussed many times about getting engaged, as you could imagine, owning a house with somebody before actually having a ring on my finger was not exactly something that I had originally anticipated when I was younger… But if there’s one thing I’ve learned in this life, most things that you try to plan usually do not pan out the way that you think they will, however, that doesn’t mean that things won’t turn out wonderful and exactly as they should.

Midway through the trip, Mike and I decided to take a ride out to the coast of Positano, and enjoy the views of the Mediterranean while walking around the streets before grabbing dinner. On a cliff overlooking the view, Mike proposed with the most beautiful ring in the most beautiful location. There was international photographer there, from Flytographer , who captured the moment as well as took photos of us around the area before we headed off to dinner. I’ve included pictures from that photo shoot, as well as some we took on our iPhones from dinner.

The rest of the trip was absolutely magical, and coming home with a beautiful ring, as well as being able to call my boyfriend of six years, my fiancé (finally!!) has been incredible feeling.

We didn’t waste any time, and our wedding is planned for October 11, 2019 out here on Long Island, or we will be having upwards of 250 guests… Your typical big Italian New York wedding!

I can’t imagine how different my life would’ve been had I not met Mike those last couple weeks of school.. The way we met was so unexpected, and so many of the wonderful things that have happened in our life in the last six years have been extremely unexpected as well, so I’ve come to learn that this is just the new normal… Plan for what you can, but let the good times roll!

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Erica's Proposal in Positano, Italy

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