Erica and Michael

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How We Met

Mike & I met in 2015 on OkCupid. Yep. I know. OkCupid. I still have a hard time believing it, too.

During July of 2015, my best friend and I decided (on the couch in my parent’s living room) that we would sing up for an online dating app together. We had both been single for a while and honestly weren’t sure how to meet people. We’re both pretty introverted, so this seemed like a perfect, no-hassle way of taking our pick.

I filled out my profile extensively. I answered every question and added some personal details (like my favorite breakfast cereal, how I am obsessed with wearing socks, and how soggy sandwiches make me sad) to my profile that would hopefully intrigue someone enough to send me more than just a, “Hey” message.

In August, I got a message from a user named Mike. Actually, I don’t remember what his username was, but I guess it doesn’t matter. In his message, he asked me why soggy sandwiches made me sad. I was impressed because clearly he had read my profile. So, I checked out his, thought he was pretty cute, and messaged him back. We talked for a little while on OkCupid and quickly exchanged phone numbers.

We talked every day. EVERY. DAY. From basically the moment I woke up in the morning until the moment I fell asleep mid-conversation at 2 AM. We never ran out of things to talk about. He’d propose ridiculous situations and ask for my opinion (like: Who would win in a fight: a taco or a piece of toast?). We talked about serious things like family and work. We talked about everything. It was amazing. I was so shocked at how well we got along and how much we had in common. And then, we stopped talking.

It was August, and I was getting ready to start my career as a teacher. I was swamped with work. I had meetings and orientations and getting my classroom together and paperwork. I was so swamped, I forgot to answer Mike one night. He asked me a question and I never responded. In my defense, though, he never texted me again either. We stopped talking for 2 weeks.

Once school had started and I had gotten into a routine, I texted him. I felt so terrible for never answering him. I thought he would never speak to me again, but I knew I had to apologize. I was so nervous. I sent him a gigantic apology text and then turned my phone on “Do Not Disturb” so that I wouldn’t be disappointed if he never texted me or, if he did, I wouldn’t see the notification until I was ready. I went to take a shower and came back to my phone. I took a deep breath and hit the home button. He answered. He accepted my apology and we went back to talking everyday.

At the end of September, we officially met. We grabbed lattes at Starbucks one night (PSL’s are Mike’s favorite) and had the best time. At the end of the date, we walked outside and he pulled something out of his pocket. It was a pair of socks. He said he knew how much I loved socks, so instead of flowers, he brought me these. I didn’t even know what to say. That stupid little pair of socks, that thoughtful gesture, still means so much to me. I still have those socks in my purse. I carry them with me everywhere.

how they asked

In November 2017 Mike & I were supposed to leave on a 10-day cruise vacation going to places like St. Lucia and St. Kitts. We were so excited. The vacation had been planned a year in advance and we both desperately needed a vacation. I had been counting down the days for what seemed like forever.

A week before we left, our plans changed overnight. “Your cruise has been cancelled due to mechanical issues,” an email from the cruise line read. I was in tears. I called Mike frantically trying to figure out what to do. He was furious and insisted we try to find a vacation similar that left on the same day. We looked for hours that night and finally, after hours on the phone and many complimentary upgrades later, we booked a vacation that left on the same day, but departed from a different port and travelled to different places. This meant instead of leaving from the nearby NYC port, we would have to fly down to Miami and leave from there, which meant attempting to get an extra day off from work, a seemingly impossible task. I was beyond stressed out. What was supposed to be a fun, relaxing adventure had somehow manifested into this nightmare of a trip.

On the night before the cruise ship left, and after one of the most stressful work days to date, we flew down to Miami. We checked into the hotel, went up to our room, and promptly passed out on the bed. The next morning, we woke up and it finally hit us–we were on vacation and we were so excited! We checked in at the port and spent the day exploring the ship. It was amazing, like no other ship I had ever been on before. It was a beautiful day. We grabbed complimentary cocktails and took in the beautiful views of Miami Beach.

At our first night at dinner on board, Mike and I talked about our day. Then, out of the blue, he asked me how I felt about public proposals. I told him I thought they were okay, but that I preferred when things like that were more intimate. He said he agreed and we went on to talk about other things. Towards the end of dinner, I started feeling a bit nauseous, so I suggested we go back to the room so I could take some medicine. We went back to our room and I went into the bathroom to get my medicine. When I came out, I noticed our balcony door was open and Mike was outside. I asked him what he was doing and he asked me to come outside. I took one look at my clean socks and the wet balcony and said no way. He asked again and I still said no. I walked away from the door. Mike yelled in to me, “I was mad at dinner!” I was so confused. He didn’t look or act mad at dinner and we hadn’t gotten into an argument or disagreement. Curiously, I made my way outside and asked him why he was mad. When I walked onto the balcony there he was on one knee and said, “I’m mad–madly in love with you!” And pulled out a small blue box with a ring inside. It was the most ridiculous, wonderful, silly, heartwarming moment that will make me smile until the end of time.

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