Erica and Matt - His Side of the Proposal

Erica and I met on New Years Eve 2008 at Fado’s Irish Pub. At the time I lived in Candler Park with my two roommates, Scott and RIck. We all decided, along with a few other guys we knew that we were going to go out for New Years together as my roommates and I were all single. I called Will and told him we should meet up. He and Jodi came out, along with a beautiful girl I had never met who was wearing a black and white dress, which I will never forget! From that moment on, I was like….who is this girl? And more importantly why hadn’t I been introduced to her. We hit it off immediately and had a great night, basically talking to each other straight into the new year and never lost steam from that point on. Funny story is, Jodi had all intentions of hooking Erica up with another one of our friends that night! Funny how things work out. I couldn’t wait until the next time we could hang out, and that still holds true today. Going out that night was the best decision I have ever made to this point in my life.

We got engaged at the end of April in Charleston, SC. My idea for the engagement centered around the tradition that Erica and her high school friends have of going to the Cooper River Bridge Run in Charleston every year. This year was the first where Erica and her friends were unable to all go together. So we decided to go to Chucktown for a weekend, as it is Erica’s favorite city and I had never been there. Secretly I had planned for us to do a mock bridge run of sorts, as she had never missed one until this year. My ultimate plan was to make this the most memorable bridge run she had ever done. We spent a wonderful Friday evening together in Charleston and went on a carriage ride with dinner at Husk restaurant. Saturday a.m. we went on a long run, simulating the bridge run she didn’t get to do this year. What she didn’t know was that I had an engagement ring in my pocket the entire time we were running! We ended the run on the Battery/waterfront and sat down to rest on the lawn. That was when I took the moment to reach over and propose to her, when she least expected it!

She accepted and we both began calling family to relay the news. We had dinner plans for that evening at the Peninsula Grill. I had a special bottle of wine, courtesy of Kevin Hsieh to celebrate with. The best surprise of all was that when we got to dinner, mine and Erica’s parents were sitting at the table with Champagne in hand to celebrate with us. The look on Erica’s face was priceless from the surprise. It was truly a memorable evening and one I will soon never forget!

Photos by Diana Daley Photographers from Savannah Georgia.