Erica and Lee

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how we met

Lee and I met in 2011 at a pool party at the Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego. It was his friend’s birthday and i was invited by a mutual friend. I first met him in the elevator on the way up to the pool and it was love at first sight. After a bit of talking and dancing, we left to get some food and ended up spending hours downstairs at the restaurant and practically missed the whole party. It was well worth it.

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how they asked

Never in my my wildest dream, could I dream up such a romantic proposal by the sea. My fiancé would always joke that he would propose to me on a hike, but deep down he knew I would want my hair, make up and nails all done for this special day. However, getting this all done without the slightest hint was the tricky part. That was until I had informed him of my annual company party that was the week before his planned proposal and estimated arrival of the ring. So that is when he scrambled to put a rush on his well designed photo book, prayed to the heavens that the ring would arrive early, as it did, and luckily persuaded the highly sought after photographer to change the photo session date.

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So here I am on what I thought was just another Sunday in sunny San Diego, getting ready for my company holiday party. All while my future fiancé is executing his well crafted plan. He had coordinated with my friend and co-worker that she would suggest we do our hair and makeup. After our hair and makeup, My friend said she had to pick up her date in La Jolla. We pulled up to Windandsea beach, arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in all of Southern California, and my friend handed me a picture book my boyfriend created of our relationship throughout the last four years. As I flipped through pages upon pages of personalized quotes and pictures of our amazing moments together, I couldn’t help but try to hold back the tears. On the last page was a personalized letter from him detailing his love for me, promising to be my knight in shining armor, and to please join him on the beach.

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As I walked down towards the beach, I first noticed both sets of our parents standing near the water, and my fiancé standing at the end of a white runway topped with rose petals and adorable brown pouches stitched with “XOXO” that were used to keep the walkway from blowing away. At the end of the walkway, stood my future fiancé inside a heart shaped with red candles. As I walked down the red rose petalled runway in a state of euphoria, signs such as “Always believe something amazing about to happen”, it’s about damn time,” and “Lee and Erica Forever” were placed along the walkway on the cliff.

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My heart raced, tears began to flow uncontrollably. Never in my life could I dream up this proposal or imagine he would go to such great lengths to make this such an amazing moment for us to share. As he got down on his knee the sunset began to go down and it felt as if I was dreaming… Something amazing was truly about to happen.

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My favorite memory from the proposal was when I said yes and Lee just stayed on his knee smiling and I remember saying yes multiple times. I couldn’t wait for him to get up from his knee to kiss me.

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