Erica and Lawrence

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How We Met

Lawrence and I met in elementary school where I was 6th grade class president and he was the vice president, but, “our story” didn’t officially start until freshmen year in high school. 12 years later, and we’re here! Honestly, we have Lawrence’s mom to thank for our relationship, she told Lawrence to ask me to our high school freshmen dance and the rest is history! It wasn’t all flowers and sunshine though, I’ll have to admit its not easy to grow up together and grow in love all at the same time, high school can be rough enough all by itself. But, no matter the case we were ALWAYS inseparable. Lawrence and I both went to college in San Diego where our relationship was put to the test more times than I can count, but again, love kept bringing us back together. We have grown so much since being president and vice president of our 6th grade class and now Lawrence is a police officer, and I’m a nurse. It may sound incredibly cheesy but we are a true testament to love conquers all, and I can’t wait to conquer marriage with this man!

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how they asked

Oh, the proposal! Hands down one of my favorite days of our entire relationship. Honestly, probably one of the only days (in 12 years) that I’ve seen Lawrence so nervous around me, it was the cutest thing! Lawrence knows my intense love for traveling and so for the proposal he decided to take me Vancouver, Canada. While in Vancouver, Lawrence and I visited Capilano Suspension Bridge, the location he ended up proposing at. We got to the park and started to hike up towards to bridge. When we finally got to the bridge we were so surprised at how high up the bridge was and how much it swayed from side to side, we had to hold onto each other and the railing in order to cross! Once we got to the end of the bridge there was a beautiful pond with lights hanging from all of the trees, he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. My cousin (a professional photographer) and her boyfriend were with us but had no idea he was proposing! She immediately grabbed her camera and starting shooting the proposal but all of the pictures were dark because her camera wasn’t in the correct setting. Luckily, she was able to save all of them during editing and now I get to cherish that moment for the rest of my life.

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Special Thanks

Jessica Alvarado
 | Photographer