Erica and Keelan

Proposal Ideas Paris, France

How We Met

Keelan and I have known each other since 2007 as High School Classmates, but our paths crossed again at the Arlington Famous Don Titos in August of 2016. Keelan thought he had spotted me from across the bar, the girl he knew from High School. Keelan quickly pulled his phone out to send me a message on social media to confirm his suspicions. To his dismay, I was not checking my phone at the time.

Erica and Keelan's Engagement in Paris, France

Marriage Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

By some miracle later that night while Keelan was waiting in a line for the rooftop, that turned out to be closed, I made my way down the stair and we both caught each other’s attention. I headed over to reconnect with Keelan and after a period of talking we exchanged numbers and headed off on our own way. Before the night’s end, Keelan immediately texted me on my way home already trying to make plans for the next time we could see each other. A week later we were able to grab lunch together, and from then on out we couldn’t get enough of hanging out with each other.

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Paris, France

How They Asked

Keelan gifted Erica a trip to Paris for Valentine’s Day 2019 as a surprise trip. Fast forward two months later when they arrived in Paris on a Friday morning for a long weekend trip. They spent the entire day running around Paris, exhausted from the flight, hitting all the main tourist attractions and ending the day with a dinner that viewed over the Eiffel Tower. Keelan then proceeded to insist they go to bed early for an amazing brunch they had reservations for the next morning at 8:30 am. Quite early, Keelan claimed that this was the only time he was able to get the reservation. Very early the next morning they got up and got ready and took a taxi over to the Trocadero Museum.

After arriving, Keelan went and looked at a construction sign near the entrance pretending to look for the “restaurant”. They took a short walk up the steps and towards the back side of the Museum where the steps overlook the Eiffel Tower and Erica exclaimed “How pretty! Let’s take a picture!” This fell right into Keelan’s plans, and he quickly agreed. Immediately after, Keelan asked a “random” person to take a picture of them and then proceeded to begin his proposal speech, filled with teary eyes and stuttering. They spent the rest of the day taking photos, celebrating, and drinking lots of champagne.

Special Thanks

Krystal Kenney
 | Photographer