Erica and Joseph

How We Met

Joseph and I met at a mutual friend’s birthday party in D.C. I was first attracted by his blue eyes and southern drawl. We sat and chatted for a good while, but obviously had additional obligations (another friend’s party) that night and swiftly left the birthday party without saying goodbye (or giving him my number). After a few days (and some investigation on his part), Joseph reached out to see if I would go on a date with him, but I turned him down. We texted for some time, and after he asked multiple times, I hesitantly agreed. Though, looking back, I am SO glad I finally did. From date one, he made me feel extra special and always went above and beyond for me, that’s how I knew he was a keeper! He even brought over moving boxes, packing paper and tape (as I was in the process of moving apartments). He always remembered the little things that I would say in passing (but would often times forget), which was a clear indication that I had finally found “the one”. Not to mention, he was really handy around my apartment and would never begrudge when I asked him to help out with a chore or—seven. He truly was the southern gentleman that I had always dreamed of and were comparable in so many ways. We loved going on outdoor adventures, bring our pups to play and of course trying out new restaurants. SO—-after a year and a half of adventures, it’s without a doubt, that I said “YASSS” to marrying my best friend, partner in crime and the man of my dreams!!!

Where to Propose in Washington D.C. Jefferson Memorial

how they asked

August 5th 2017 started out just like any normal Saturday for us. We always like to get out of the house and be adventurous, find something fun to do in D.C, or maybe even grab lunch at a new spot. So it wasn’t anything out of the ordinary that Joseph picked me up from my house to “go do something”. I had mentioned in passing (again he remembered once again as I forgot) that I wanted to get something to wear for the night as our friends were throwing us a going away party. (I should quickly mention that our jobs were relocating us to Charleston, S.C, after being in D.C. for several years). Since 90% of my clothes were packed away in boxes, he drove me over to one of my favorite clothing boutiques to pick something to wear. On a fun side note, there was a huge summer sale going on, so I was able to get two items for the price of one..SCORE! (and one just happened to be a cute WHITE dress) But I’ll save the shopping deets and get back to the important stuff…the proposal! After shopping, we went to grab lunch and chatted about everything going on with the move and the party. Oddly, he was quite calm, so he never led me to believe anything different than it was going to be a normal Saturday.

After lunch, on the drive back into town, he asked if we wanted to do something touristy since it was going to be our last weekend in D.C.. I said sure “what did you have in mind?”. He mentioned renting two cruiser bikes (which are big in D.C) and bike to all of the moments. The weather was perfect, and he knows we LOVE being outdoors, so I immediately agreed. We stopped at all of the major ones including the WWII, Washington, MLK, Thomas Jefferson, and then landed at the Lincoln (which is where the car was parked), so I thought we were done…. HA!

He insisted that we head back to the Jefferson monument (which was on the complete opposite side of the National Mall), so of course I gave him the pity party and INSISTED that we go to the car in order to give me enough time to go home take a shower and get ready for dinner and the going away party. But ONCE AGAIN, his persistence paid off, because I gave in and said “FINE” I’ll bike to the other side of the monument so YOU can look at the new landscape. After getting to the monument, we walked around and looked around at the “landscape” but now I was ready to go and had to go to the bathroom (after biking 3.5 miles), so I wanted to leave as quickly as possible to be able to start getting ready. Looking back, I could see just how hard he was working to try and be as sweet as possible and make the moment extra special for me. But in my head all I could think of was (need to pee and need to go get ready).

He convinced me to take a selfie in front of the monument and at that moment, I turned around and he dropped to one knee, stating “I want to spend the rest of my life with you! Erica Lynn Esteves, will you marry me”. As I started to cry and was in total and complete shock I immediately said YASSS (in my most shreek-ish Cajun accent). I was lost for words and could not believe the love of my life, my best friend and partner-in-crime chose me to spend the rest of his life with. If that was not enough, he had two of our best friends hiding the bushes and capturing the entire proposal on camera. We took pictures and celebrated with delicious bottle of champs all in front of the most historic monuments of our Nation. I couldn’t think of a more breathtaking and romantic (certainly met my expectations and more) proposal!!

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