Erica and Jose

how we met

We actually met online! I’m originally from Orlando and was new to the Las Vegas area. I was on an app looking for some new friends. I was hesitant at first but decided to meet Jose in person and thank God I did! When I met Jose I had no idea our relationship would grow into what it is now! Something just clicked right away for both of us.

how they asked

I was totally surprised and had no idea it was coming! We love to travel and were celebrating our 2 year anniversary together in Cambodia. I love SE Asia and wanted to show Jose how beautiful it was. On the night of our anniversary we were on this secluded island called Koh Rong in Cambodia. I had just woken up from a nap in our bungalow on the beach and there Jose was with a ring. I literally had just opened my eyes, eye mask still on and in shock! Jose proposed in our bed that had a mosquito net wrapped around it! When I finally realized what was happening my answer was of course YES! He felt our anniversary on a beautiful island would be the best way to propose and he was right! He was definitely a little nervous, he said he had a few other options he thought about doing but wasn’t sure if I was going to wake up! In the end though we are two shy people so I’m glad it was just us two that got to share that special moment.

Special Thanks

Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area
 | Location
Eldorado Dry Lake Bed
 | Location II