Erica and Jonathan

How We Met

Jon and I met for the first time in the BYU library. Earlier that week I had been researching the Wharton MBA program and had my sights set of going there. As I was studying for my finance test in the library, I looked up and saw him walking down the hallway toward me wearing a Wharton hoodie. We made eye contact, but no words were exchanged. I went to go talk to a few of my friends studying for the same test as I was at the table next to his. He was studying derivatives. He stood up and I finished talking to my friends at nearly the same time, so I decided I was going to ask him about Wharton. I asked him if he went to Wharton, and he replied with a bit of sass and said “No, I don’t. I go to BYU. That’s why I’m here.” Completely embarrassed about how I worded the question, I just told him that I was wondering what ties he had to Wharton because I know a lot of people from there end up going into investment banking which is what I was doing. Little did I know, he had an internship lined up to do investment banking on Wall Street this summer! He replied, “do you think you can handle the hours?”. I replied by saying that I can handle the hours, but I don’t plan on staying in investment banking forever, but that I plan to go into private equity after. He looked extremely surprised and then he said that is is track and he’s doing investment banking and private equity. He offered to help me get into investment banking since he was much further ahead of me in the process – and I agreed. We met up the next day after my tennis match to talk about banking and the rest is history!

how they asked

Jon and his best friend Skyler, who works at Lazard, flew me out to New York City for an investment banking “women’s day” at Lazard for the weekend, and also flew out one of my best friends Meghan to spend the weekend with me when I wasn’t networking. Jon had told me earlier that he had a super day out in San Francisco at another investment bank, so he wouldn’t be able to come out, but had a flight out the same day. So Jon, Meghan, and I drove to the airport at 4am to catch our flights heading to opposing ends of the country. What I did not know was that Jon actually took the next flight out to New York, not San Francisco. When Meghan and I arrived in New York City, we were already running late in order for me to make it to my “women’s day” on time, and since The Pope was in town the traffic was unbelievably jammed. Once we finally got to Skyler’s apartment, I was told that I had to navigate my way to the Rockefeller and take the subway by myself (I was freaking out!). Jon then called me to help with directions, supposedly calling from San Francisco – but little did I know that he was actually right around the block from me. After I made it safely to Lazard and met with the women there, Skyler informed me that there was a cocktail party at the top of the One World Trade Center for the women’s event, and Meghan would be joining us there. At the top of the One World Trade Center the workers cleared out the tourists in prep of the women’s event. Meghan, Skyler, and I were looking out at the view of Manhattan when Jon walked out and surprised me! He got down on one knee and pulled out that little Tiffany blue box and proposed at the top of the tallest building in the United States.

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