Erica and JD

How We Met

We met through a mutual friend. I had seen him on campus early on in our sophomore  year and pointed out to a friend that I thought he was really cute. We go to small college so word got around and our mutual friend found out what I said. For the next few weeks there were countless attempts to get us to sit by each other in our school cafe, none of them successful. Finally, it happened, and one thing led to the next and now we are graduating college in May and getting married in July.

how they asked

It was my (Erica’s) birthday and JD had made it clear that he wasn’t going to make it to Des Moines to celebrate which I was fine with because I was moving back up to Dordt the next day. In the morning, my mama woke me up with a card from JD, and then another came mid morning, and yet another at lunch- and this one came with white roses – then I got two more cards after that. Now- side note- although JD had made it clear that he was not coming I was still a little hopeful that he might – but with each card that I got my hope was dwindling.

My family took me out to dinner at Spaghetti Works to celebrate and then we were going to go home to open presents and then go to ice cream. When we got home my mama happened me another card – this one said something about a surprise waiting around the corner (I was standing in the kitchen and there are a lot of corners so I needed a little direction). They directed me to the backyard, and there sat JD.

I WAS SHOCKED. So i walked (ran) over to where he was sitting and he gave me one more card. This one was all mushy and gushy about how awesome I am and ended with “So, I guess I have a pretty important questions to ask” and when I looked up JD was on one knee. I remember screaming “YES” and jumping up and down. Once he put the ring on my finger I turned around to my whole family with their phones out (which includes Karlie and Zack). Whitney and Justin were both as surprised as I was and I face-timed Stephanie right away to share the news.

The rest of the night included calling family and friends with a stop from JD’s parents later on that night. Needless to yes, JD surpassed all my expectations and made it the best birthday yet.