Erica and Jason

How We Met

We are both outdoor adventurers, so last June, a group of my friends went to summit the South Sister Mountain in bend for my birthday. Jason and a group of his friends happened to be summiting the same day. At the very last crescent before the summit we met in passing, his crew coming down, mine just about to summit. We asked how it was and they said worth every step. Jason gave me a complement on my hat I had just purchased on the road trip up and that was it. His crew went down, mine finished the summit and then camped at the base for the night.

The next day I posted pictures of my big summit on my Facebook and shorty after I got a message from a friend of mine currently living in New Zealand. She told me it was crazy but she had a friend who was posting the same pictures and had summited the same day. Then she told me he was single and thought we had a tremendous amount of similarities and she wanted to set us up on a blind date. At first I declined but after enough encouragement she was able to get me to go to lunch with him.

We hit it off at a Thai food restaurant and then spent the rest of the summer together on outdoor adventuring, backpacking, paddle boarding, hiking, surfing, kayaking, camping you name it. We knew pretty quickly it was meant to be.

how they asked

We went on a week trip to Hawaii in January to get some sunshine since it had been raining all winter in the NW. Each day we planned a different adventure and the trip was coming to an end. Our last full day there we decided to go out on a limb, literally, and chose a hike that would require us to walk across a narrow ledge with a 2000ft drop on both sides. Once we got to the ledge I was petrified and almost immediately turned back but I swallowed my fear and just started walking. By the time I got out to the end I was so shaky I had to sit down and regain my composure in order to enjoy the view. Jason eventually came up to me and grabbed by arm asking me to stand, I quickly replied, “Please don’t touch me.” Not realizing he was about to propose. I thought he just wanted to take a selfie so I got up myself and started to pose for a selfie when he got down on one knee to pop the question. I was so excited and went to kneel down with him to kiss him but realized it was a pretty small ledge we were on so had to do so carefully. We had to wait some time before my nerves were calmed down enough to walk back. It wasn’t a bad view however, so it ended up being a sweet time of calm and silence right after.

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