Erica and James


how they asked

The first time we went to Mystic, Connecticut I remember saying to Jimmy how much I loved it there.  So whenever we needed a quick break from reality and a mini vacation we would come up there to visit.  We would stay at fox woods for a night and then the next day we would visit the Mystic Aquarium as well as eat lunch across the street at this cute place on the water.  I fell in love with this restaurant and we always took a picture by the water after we ate.  Last year for our one year anniversary, we came here and I told him that I wanted to make this a tradition.  So for our two year anniversary, Jimmy told me that we were going to come up to Connecticut again and I was so excited!

It was our last getaway before the summer came to an end!  After we celebrated our anniversary at our favorite steakhouse, we decided that the following day we would keep the tradition and eat at our restaurant on the water and then visit the aquarium.  When we got to the restaurant, it was a beautiful day so we sat outside to eat.  After we finished eating, I went to the bathroom to fix my hair because I kept complaining that the wind had messed it up and I wanted it to look nice for when we took our “traditional picture by the water”.  When I came back, there was a woman standing by our table (which I later found out was the manager of the place) and she asked if we wanted our picture taken by the water.  I of course said YES and assumed that Jimmy had called her over knowing that I was going to ask for someone to take a picture of us.  When we got to the back area by the water, I got into position to take the picture.  EXCEPT, Jimmy was staring right at me and wasn’t looking at the camera.

He looked at me and said “Erica, I love you so much.” I responded by saying “I love you too, now come on let’s take the picture!”. At that point the manager taking the picture was laughing (not focused) so I turned back to look at Jimmy to give him a look. BUT, he grabbed both my hands and immediately got down on one knee.  He started out by saying, “Erica, you are my best friend and my other half…I love you so much.”  It was then that my heart skipped a beat and I felt the tears in my eyes.  It was this very moment I had dreamed about my whole life and it was finally here. He gave the most loving speech and then he finally said the words “Erica, will you marry me?”.



AND somehow in the midst of all the tears and laughs, I SAID YES!!