Erica and Greg

How We Met

Greg and I met when he decided to stop into the restaurant I work at for a beer after work. I was not overly excited to be working a cold, Monday night, as I had received news that my grandmother had passed away earlier that day. We small talked a bit, and he helped me forget about her passing. When I returned to where he was sitting, I realized he was gone. Upset that he didn’t say goodbye, I thought nothing of it and continued working. He returned a few weeks later, “to keep me guessing” (according to him) and we were inseparable ever since. Deep down, I do believe that my grandmother brought him to me, as stopping at the bar was not a normal Monday activity for Greg.

how they asked

Greg and I both have off on Mondays and we enjoy doing things that include our dog, Zoey, so when he suggested a walk around Cooper River Park and a stop at the dog park, I thought nothing of it. Stopping in front of a view of the city, Greg handed me something and went to “tie his shoe.” When I looked at what he handed me, I realized he gave me a dog bandanna embroidered with “Please Say Yes!”

I immediately look down and he is on one knee with the most perfect ring from Spivak Jewelers in Cherry Hill. According to him, three hours in the jewelry shop and lots of Pinterest stalking helped him create the perfect ring. Who knew a Monday could be so great!!