Erica and Dave

Engagement Proposal Ideas in Pattison Park/Owensville Ohio

It all began 9 years ago when we were introduced by our best friends (whom are now married). We have spent 9 years together, we’ve introduced a beautiful little girl to the world and yet, I never thought he would have the nerve to propose. He never wanted children and he never wanted to get married, this, I was almost certain of. After the birth of our now 5 year old daughter, I began to think that would be the extent of our relationship. I knew that I wanted to marry him but it truly wasn’t until I seen how great of a father he was, that I knew I wanted to spend my entire life with him. On our 9th anniversary, he took me to the park where he originally asked me to be his girlfriend. We walked the entire park and decided to sit and discuss our lives together. He offered to get me a drink from his truck and when he returned, he sunk to one knee and pulled a box from his pocket, he told me he loved me and knew he wanted to grow old with me. I’m an incredibly lucky woman and I am beyond excited to spend the rest of my life with him.