Erica and Corey

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How We Met

The story of how we met! Lord, I’m not even sure when that was exactly. My friends from college went to visit one of our really good guy friends that also attended school with us. Because I was a new mother, I couldn’t make the trip. They of course had a blast without me. I got on twitter that following Monday and saw that they made some new friends on this trip. One just happened to be Corey, Coke for short. I was in love. He was so cute. I rushed to the group chat to find out more about him. Sadly enough I was told he was in a serious relationship and had been for years. Long story short he stayed with her for a few more years and through social media me and Corey grew to become really great friends. He broke up with his girl friend and I got into a new relationship that ended a year later. The way Coke would tell the story is that he planned this all along. Let him tell it, we were always going to end up together, LOL

A little over a year ago Coke and I were on the phone and he asked me to marry him. Legit that’s how we started dating. He said to me “I mean you are my best friend, I don’t see what is holding us back and why we aren’t doing this…will you marry me?” I was shocked. I mean he was my best friend and I really cared about him, but with all our differences I had no idea that a relationship would even be possible. Well, we started dating and held off on the jumping right into marriage. But let me tell you, it’s a whole different ball game when you date your best friend. They know you inside out. They know what you’re thinking before you even say it. But they also know what you need and require to be happy. They know how to get across to you and most importantly, they tend to care about you on a deeper level.

On one of our very first dates me and Coke spent the day in Baltimore. We had such an amazing time. I took him to this park that I use to study at when I was in college. It was my favorite place to go. I always loved how pretty the tulips were in full bloom. While we were there I mentioned that I would love to get married here and how it would be the best place to have our small wedding. We later went to the harbor and learned that there was a restaurant there named Sullivan. Sullivan being Coke’s last name sealed the deal that we would have our reception there. Mind you these were all plans before I even had a ring. I just knew that night when he asked me to marry him instead of be his girlfriend, that he was the one and that this was going to be my husband really soon.

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We kept most of the details about our relationship really hush hush for a long time. Mostly because we have a few common friends who I thought would think it weird that we were together. That story is way too long to tell but there is a part that I want to mention. Years ago, before I had Camden, I lost someone very special to me. On the day of his funeral, a friend of Coke and myself, told me that I would find someone who was just like him to spend the rest of my life with. I thought it impossible. I never thought that I would have another best friend like that. But he was right. I found just that, but better!

how they asked

Fast forward to Saturday, August 27, 2016… I am getting ready to go on a date with Coke. Just a normal date if you ask me. Of course I was running late and wasn’t dressed when he got there. He told me that he was going to plan our date, even though he never wants to do that and everything is usually up to me. We get in the car at around 9:45 pm and he mentions that we are going to the Baltimore harbor. I was like “Geesh this is gonna be a ride!” We get into B-more and of course there is traffic and due to a Raven’s Game. Coke started to freak out, he has terrible road rage. Not knowing why he was trying to rush, I am just like “Calm down, it’s cool.” I think I offered to drive like 3 times because I know my way around the city and I figured I would know a shortcut to get us to the harbor.

Either way I was looking down at my phone the entire last few minutes of the ride trying to find this rapper that sang a song about boots with dread…. Random I know…But it just came to me, MURPHY LEE!! So I wasn’t paying any attention to the fact that we were nowhere near the harbor. I look up and go “OMG you know we are by that park I told you we should get married at!” Then it clicked. He pulls up and we get out the car. He walks me over to the park and gets on one knee. He looks up at me and says “I know you wanted to get married here at one point and now I know we can’t do that, but if I can’t marry you here I thought I would at least propose to you here, will you marry me?” *sliding the ring on my finger*

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Now I know you are thinking I would have cried right there on the spot! But I didn’t. It was very sweet and I was so shocked. I said “Are you serious? Did you ask my parents already?” LOL! He looked at me like I was crazy. Then I was like “Oh, YES! YES!” He kissed me and I looked at my ring and I was floored!

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Coke is a jeweler and he designed my ring himself. I honestly could care less what size or stones he used. Even though he used all the right ones, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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Every time that I look down at my hand I think of the amount of work that he put into it and how he thought of this all on his own. My ring is a work of art created by my soon to be husband. Not to mention it is freaking gorgeous! After asking like three more questions, Coke yells that we need to go before we miss our dinner reservations. He told me that we were going to Sullivan’s and I jumped in his arms! It was so sweet. He remembered everything from that day. And we all know how special it is when a guy remembers anything that you say.

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Of course we missed the reservation, but ended up at another cute little steak house that turned out to be pretty amazing. I wasn’t sure how Coke was going to pop the question. Honestly I knew that it would be amazing no matter when, where, and how he did it. I am marrying my best friend! He was sure to get it right!!!