Erica and Clayton

Erica and Clayton's Engagement in Maui, Hawaii

How We Met

So I started work at UPS with a soon to be besttttt friend. And I didn’t have any friend in the area so I tagged onto her group of friends. And one of those friends was Clayton! We were friends for a long time (he was interested the whole time. I had *no* idea) and then I suggested he and I watch Game of Thrones together. He was NOT into sci-fi or fantasy at alllllll but agreed so that we could hang out. A few months meager after catching up on alllllllll of GoT, we started dating ?

How They Asked

We were planning a vacation to Maui for almost a year. And he had me SO convinced *it* wasn’t going to happen in Hawaii. We even went ring shopping on the island the day before he proposed!! So the night it happened I thought we were doing a dinner cruise but then as we were walking along the beach he pulled out a leather pouch and his hand was trembling SO bad and that’s when I KNEW it was happening!! I gave him about 1.5 seconds on one knee before I clobbered him in the sand :) Then I came home that night and found a card from him that started with “I know you weren’t going to give me a chance to say everything I wanted to…” and then listed everything he wanted to say when he proposed.

Wedding Proposal Ideas in Maui, Hawaii